On my gravestone I want
On my gravestone I want

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Champagne shot

(0:46) A Champagne bottle doesn't take kindly to being thrown at a wall.

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Truth About Rats: Rat Tricks

(3:56) Tricks from much-despised but clever rodents.

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Super-real 3D spider drawing


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Cilla Black's wedding in 1969

(1:18) Cilla Black, born Priscilla White, married her manager Bobby Willis in 1969.

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World's first robotic chef

(2:33) Will kitchens fitted with robotic arms become the norm?


Modern art that would cost you a fortune to own

(14 pics) Blood Red Mirror by Gerhard Richter - $1.1 Million

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Ray Collins - Sea Stills

(7:06) Rising mountains of sea captured by Australian photographer Ray Collins.


Dog joins in with cliff jumpers

(0:33) Australians and pet enjoy some cliff diving in the glorious sun.


WW1 Steam Convoy

(3:14) Great Dorset Steam Fair WW1 commemorative convoy trundles along from Bovington Camp to Tarrant Hinton.


Snake feeder

(7:30) His job is to feed angry snakes.


Richard Dawkins explains evolutionarily stable strategies

(4:28) Derek Muller asks Richard Dawkins a question of evolution: What are evolutionarily stable strategies?


Ladies pink parking at Frankfurt Airport, sexist or sensible?

(0:18) Frankfurt Airport sparked off a huge sexism row by providing "Ladies Only" car parking spaces.


Ronda Rousey on her masculine body

(0:41) American mix-martial arts fighter Rhonda Rousey was never raised to be a do-nothing-bitch.


Terrifying moment man swings at police with huge knife

(0:41) Northamptonshire Police release a body-cam video from March 2014 when two police officers were called out to a domestic incident only to be confronted by an agitated knife-wielding man.


Monday morning blues of joy

(4:37) 7:51am on a winter Monday morning in Perth, Australia.

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Bill Nye reads mean tweets

(2:38) Two Bill Nye fans are making a documentary about Bill Nye the Science Guy.


If you need something done, get Combat Engineers

(0:49) A taste of what it's like to be an Army Reserve Combat Engineer.


Basketball Kid

(2:28) This kid gets what sports are all about.


Cat in space contemplating the meaning of life on Earth



Indian girls calculate with "finger abacus"



A motorbike that runs on water!

(1:02) Built by Ricardo Azevedo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this motorbike can travel up to 500 km on one litre of water.


Free-inhabitant thinks she knows the law, but gets arrested

(6:37) A woman claimed she was a free-inhabitant when she was questioned by a police officer.


SWINCAR Spider electric 4x4, one mighty strange vehicle

(1:47) A French team have created the SWINCAR Spider, an offroad electric 4x4 that takes advantage of having a motor in each wheel.


Vox chats to Bernie Sanders

(36:47) Bernie Sanders in a wide-ranging discussion on socialism, healthcare, open borders, Zionism, and more.


Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible stunts get crazier

(3:24) Tom Cruise is one of the few actors who does his own stunts. For the Mission Impossible series, they have been getting crazier with each release.


For your bucket list, swimming with golden retrievers



Mountain biker's unReal ride down a mountain

(4:01) Canadian mountain biker Brandon Semenuk's effortless ride, captured in one take in Cambria, California.


Haka for Mr Tamatea's funeral

(3:03) Students at Palmerston North Boys' High School perform the Haka during the arrival of Mr Dawson Tamatea in a hearse.


Benedict Cumberbatch acting a dragon

(4:24) Benedict Cumberbatch acts the menacing dragon Smaug in Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'.


Alan Watts - Having fun

(5:00) A really swinging human being is a person who lives on two levels at once. Have fun with philosopher Alan Watts.


we can go to the bar

Basketball Kid

3 things you probably don't know about Islam


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