Although it requires some adjustment by those already here, immigration ...
Although it requires some adjustment by those already here, immigration ...

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Great white shark stuns TV hosts into silence

(1:29) Awe on air on Australian TV.

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Dedicated Chinese worker installs air conditioner unit


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Fishermen rescue kittens from river

(2:43) Two Alabama fisherman happen upon a pair of kittens swimming towards them in the river.

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Two toddlers playing at the zoo

(1:04) 2-year-old human toddler meets his gorilla counterpart at Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

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Charles Schulz draws Charlie Brown

(0:49) American cartoonist Charles "Sparky" Schultz describes Charlie Brown as he draws him playing the piano.

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TYT - Half of British youth are not rock-solid heterosexual

(8:19) YouGov poll indicates that Brits are much more accepting of bi-sexuality.

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Palestinian women and children fight Israeli soldier

(1:14) Israeli soldier pursues young Palestinian boy amid clashes in the West Bank.

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Art, I could do that

(5:40) Can you explain what makes art great?


Nicole Frybortova - Artistic Cycling

(5:45) Czech artistic cyclist Nicole Frybortova wows the judges with her bike handling skills.


Donald Trump says "China" a lot



Is Bernie Sanders aware of Jeremy Corbyn?

(5:38) Bernie Sanders takes questions from roaming reporters. Buzzfeed UK was there to ask him about Jeremy Corbyn.


First 6 months of 2015 are the hottest on record

(6:53) Derek discusses some of the findings in the report 'State of the Climate 2014'.


Meanwhile, on the roof of a metro train in Russia

(4:31) 18-year-old Pasha Bumchik loves to ride trains the modern Russian way.


Miley Cyrus: America hates nipples

(6:02) Jimmy Kimmel talks to Miley Curus sporting a very revealing outfit.


15-year-old girl makes the case for guns

(1:10) Testimony from 15-year-old shooter Sarah Merkle against gun control legislation that could prevent her from getting a college scholarship.

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Logan Paul - Splitting New York

(0:26) Vinestar Logan Paul startles New Yorkers with instant splits.


Jerry Seinfeld on how he crafts a joke

(5:02) Jerry Seinfeld describes the process of creating a joke about Pop-Tarts.


The Positives of Negative Thinking

(2:14) Be positive. But new research suggests pessimism can be a better motivator for achieving your goals.


Black bear cubs enjoy enrichment

(9:08) Today's Special: Melons on a Rope.


US & South Korean 2015 Integrated Live Fire Exercise

(9:57) South Korean and US military forces engage in live fire exercises on the Seungjin training field.


Mongolian throat singing on America's Got Talent

(1:53) Culture clash on America's Got Talent when Mongolian throat singer Soriah auditioned his talent.


Rock climber's leap of faith

(0:28) A rock climber faces the "Leap of Faith" option on the Maroon Bells Traverse in Colorado.


Zaouli de Manfla

(2:31) The Zaouli mask dance of the Ivory Coast, West Africa.


Banksy's Dismaland

(2:06) It's Disneyland, but not as you know it.


Guns with history

(3:27) A New York City gun shop opened up as an experiment to see if a gun's history could dissuade a potential buyer.


Climate change effects on marine life more serious than you can imagine

(5:10) The worst-case scenario for the oceans, and therefore for all life on the planet, is playing out right in front of our faces.


We Are We Are Walmart

(1:04) Walmart employees get in the mood for serving.


The Dalai Lama responds to a deep question

(0:56) The Dalai Lama proves he's still rooted in reality.


Whale of a time

(0:19) A magnificent humpback breaks the surface tension from whale watchers in the Bay of Fundy, Canada.


Julie Bindel on Jeremy Corbyn's women-only train carriage proposal

(2:59) Jeremy Corbyn said he would consider women-only train carriages as a solution to the rise of assault and harrassment on public transport.


Does Jeremy Corbyn have all the answers?


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