Wild animals never kill for sport
Wild animals never kill for sport

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Terrifying moment man swings at police with huge knife

(0:41) Northamptonshire Police release a body-cam video from March 2014 when two police officers were called out to a domestic incident only to be confronted by an agitated knife-wielding man.

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Boeing 777 landing in high winds

(0:37) A KLM Boeing 777 lands at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport through strong gusty winds.

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SWINCAR Spider electric 4x4, one mighty strange vehicle

(1:47) A French team have created the SWINCAR Spider, an offroad electric 4x4 that takes advantage of having a motor in each wheel.

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A motorbike that runs on water!

(1:02) Built by Ricardo Azevedo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this motorbike can travel up to 500 km on one litre of water.

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Free-inhabitant thinks she knows the law, but gets arrested

(6:37) A woman claimed she was a free-inhabitant when she was questioned by a police officer.

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Google Translate vs La Bamba

(1:40) The Google Translate team test their new app in 27 languages.

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Graphene Kirigami

(2:06) Graphene, a one-atom thick 'supermaterial' and Kirigami, the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting, combined could lead to a future of mini machines.

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M1128 Stryker, 105 mm of democracy

(0:13) Feel the power.


Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible stunts get crazier

(3:24) Tom Cruise is one of the few actors who does his own stunts. For the Mission Impossible series, they have been getting crazier with each release.


Vox chats to Bernie Sanders

(36:47) Bernie Sanders in a wide-ranging discussion on socialism, healthcare, open borders, Zionism, and more.


Patrick Moore: Why I left Greenpeace

(5:40) Patrick Moore was a member of Greenpeace almost from the beginning (1971 - 1986), but he was a controversial figure in the history of the organisation.


Monday morning blues of joy

(4:37) 7:51am on a winter Monday morning in Perth, Australia.


Mountain biker's unReal ride down a mountain

(4:01) Canadian mountain biker Brandon Semenuk's effortless ride, captured in one take in Cambria, California.


Haka for Mr Tamatea's funeral

(3:03) Students at Palmerston North Boys' High School perform the Haka during the arrival of Mr Dawson Tamatea in a hearse.


Richard Branson: Why I would invest in pot


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Donald Trump reacts to Obama's Iran nuclear deal

(16:37) Author of "The Art of the Deal" gives his opinion on the Iran nuclear deal just signed between Iran and US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China.


Why Jeremy Corbyn?

(7:16) The artist taxi driver asks "why...?".


Terrafugia TF-X flying electric car concept

(3:08) Terrafugia make flying cars. Development time for the TF-X electric flying helicar is 8-12 years.


Iron Mountain, where priceless treasures are stored for eternity

(6:13) Hidden away in the hills of rural Pennsylvania, Iron Mountain houses some of America's most amazing, priceless treasures.


William Orrell's world record cup-stacking performance

(0:35) January 31, 2015: Cups rearranged in 5 seconds flat. William Orrell, the world’s fastest stacker just got faster.


Lost in thought on a theme park ride



Illegal immigrants enter America

(0:31) Illegal immigrants video-bomb a fashion photoshoot on Miami beach


Sorting empty beer bottle crates like bosses

(2:20) Teamwork in a Romanian warehouse.


Best of 'Bad Decisions Alex'

(3:27) Skateboard riders getting raw.


For your bucket list, swimming with golden retrievers



Benedict Cumberbatch acting a dragon

(4:24) Benedict Cumberbatch acts the menacing dragon Smaug in Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'.


Pastor Dewey Smith's controversial message about homosexuality

(4:54) Pastor Dewey Smith is the senior pastor/teacher of The House of Hope Atlanta and The House of Hope Macon.


Alan Watts - Having fun

(5:00) A really swinging human being is a person who lives on two levels at once. Have fun with philosopher Alan Watts.


Kids react to first iPod

(7:36) Kids show how much technology has changed without us hardly noticing.


Neil deGrasse Tyson - A Brief History of Everything

(8:29) 13 billion years in only 8 minutes. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains what scientists think happened.


3 things you probably don't know about Islam


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