Sin is geographical
Sin is geographical

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Bond-like cable-car stunt

(0:55) Daredevil Arnaud Longobardi parachutes into a cable car high above the Alps.

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Sign of a quality beer


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Beatboxing Challenge: Mentor vs Apprentice

(3:56) Father and daughter battle it out.

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Icelandic fog waterfall

(1:25) Fog flows off the cliffs of Latrabjarg in Iceland.

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Sharks gorge on a dead whale

(4:24) Dead adult sperm whale attracts a host of predators.

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Modern lettuce production

(2:15) Dutch lettuce farm Deliscious uses LED lighting to condition the crops.

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TYT - The Money Shot

(8:30) TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement has a sister, TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement), also in the process of writing.

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Uli prepares for his wingsuit jump through a mountain hole

(2:43) Uli Emanuele pilots what is possibly the most technical and difficult BASE jump ever.


Joyss - Take 5 (Jazz roots performance)

(6:19) Drunken guest performance by French jazz dancer Joyss at Montreal Swing Riot 2015.


European Debt Crisis Visualized

(12:33) At the heart of the European debt crisis is the euro, the currency that ties together 18 countries in an intimate manner.


Aaron's Animals - Close Enough



The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (1944)

(3:50) American all-singing and dancing contortionists perform an incredible dance routine in a barn.


The story of Andy's Candyland, Chicago 2012

(7:12) Only recently released, when it was safe to do so.


Obama: This is what change looks like

(2:14) Next change, money out of politics.


How the euro caused the Greek crisis

(2:54) Greece's financial crisis has dominated global headlines, with a possible exit from the euro on the cards. Vox's Matt Yglesias explains the roots of the crisis.

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Solar Impulse - Japan to Hawaii on sun power alone

(1:55) Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aeroplane project completes the longest leg of its ongoing trip around the world.


LSD in 3 minutes

(3:38) Everything you need to know about LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) in 3 minutes.


Very loud and very short fireworks display

(0:35) Night becomes day when a computer malfunction sets off 7,000 fireworks (45 minutes worth) in 35 seconds.


Smart Highway

(6:18) Dutch art and design team Studio Roosegaarde imagine the road of the future.


Russian playground



4 chair trick

(2:13) 4 girls, with and without chairs.


What it's like to be in a coma

(4:52) Claire recalls a medically induced coma that lasted 2 weeks.


The Kobe Bryant Story

(3:42) Amy was only 10 when she happened upon 17-year-old Kobe Bryant, mulling over one of the biggest decisions of his life.


The Greatest Dog Show Of All Time

(5:14) Guide to the FCI World Dog Show in Helsinki.


Veritasium - A walk around Chernobyl

(8:14) Post apocalyptic landscape of Chernobyl; what the world would look like if man suddenly disappeared.


Bence Peter - Bad (Michael Jackson piano cover)

(3:13) Rehearsal version of Michael Jackson's 'Bad', mashed up with Smooth Criminal.


No Eye Contact Allowed

(1:37) You have been warned. Sculpture by Norwegian artist Erik Pirolt, exhibited at a local school in Kristiansand, Norway.


6-year-old vs fire and brimstone preacher



Confederate flag parade passes by a concerned citizen

(1:52) Wait for the karma moment as Confederate flag-waving cars drive by in Georgia.


Why is ISIS attacking during Ramadan?

(5:20) British activist, Lib-Dem politician and ex-extreme-Islamist, Maajid Nawaz explains why ISIS may ramp up attacks during the holy month of Ramadan.


Very upset Christian woman loses it over gay marriage