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86%VideoDec 2016

Message from President-elect Donald Trump

(2:37) Donald Trump outlines his day one executive actions and some policy plans for his first 100 days.

88%VideoDec 2016

Burglaring like a boss

(3:02) Burglary captured on CCTV.

89%VideoDec 2016

How does David Blaine vomit frogs?

(5:18) David Blaine's new trick involves producing live frogs from his mouth. How does he do it?

88%VideoDec 2016

Badly named perpetual motion machines

(3:22) Perpetual motion machines are impossible, but that hasn't stopped people trying to build them.

86%VideoDec 2016

Animals are innocent, don't be speciesist

(2:24) Catchy little vegan PSA.


94%VideoDec 2016

Frank Kelly & Liam Brennan - Donegal International 2015

(10:50) Irish rally driver Frank Kelly and his enthusiastic co-driver Liam Brennan at the 2015 Donegal International.

86%VideoDec 2016

Alt-right leader: Women want to be taken by a strong man

(5:31) What do the alt-right offer women?

88%VideoDec 2016

Bernie Sanders on the legacy of Fidel Castro

(6:37) Bernie Sanders talks to Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

87%VideoDec 2016

Tickling rats for science

(3:18) What happens when you tickle a rat.

88%VideoDec 2016

Sheldon Whitehouse: Time to wake up to sea level rise

(17:14) The 22nd century will be the century of hell.