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94%VideoMay 2016

Crash Course Philosophy - What is God Like?

(10:31) Can God create a rock so heavy he can't lift it?

87%VideoMay 2016

The Panama Papers, what's next?

(7:49) On April 3, 2016 the largest data leak in history exposed how the rich and powerful are hiding vast amounts of money in offshore accounts away from tax collectors.

87%VideoMay 2016

Shifting barrels like a boss



73%VideoMay 2016

The entire world needs to hear this

(1:56) A lesson to the world by American actor and activist Woody Harrelson.


86%AnimationMay 2016

How deep is the ocean really?

(0:47) Very.

87%VideoMay 2016

Feminist Cringe Compilation

(10:24) Warning, triggers ahead.


87%VideoMay 2016

The reality of fighting for Islamic State

(6:39) Footage from headcam of an ISIS fighter who died battling Kurdish forces in northern Iraq.


87%VideoMay 2016

Barack Obama, Couch Commander

(4:24) At his last White House Correspondent's Dinner, President Obama shared his difficulties coping with the inevitable - leaving office.

94%VideoMay 2016

Bernie Sanders: We're not hurting the party by staying in

(12:28) Bernie Sanders on reshaping the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's hawkish past.

88%VideoMay 2016

Smart mirror mirror on the wall

(3:27) Real working mirror running on software written by Ryan Nelwan.