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88%VideoJul 2016

Real life Tarzan

(0:41) This man's climbing skills are on another level.

87%VideoJul 2016

Veritasium - The Illusion of Truth

(8:25) Research shows that if you repeat something enough times, it comes to feel good.

87%VideoJul 2016

TYT - Trump will ignore NATO treaty if countries don't pay

(12:25) The Young Turks discuss Donald Trump's threat to ignore NATO's reassurance that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all, and that all NATO members will respond.

87%VideoJul 2016

Who do US troops prefer for president?

(6:12) According to a new survey, military troops favour Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

87%VideoJul 2016

Pokemon Go accident

(1:24) Don't drive and play.

87%VideoJul 2016

CT Cromer, millionaire Trump supporter

(5:20) Big money Republican donor CT Cromer, who runs a successful vending machine business, gives a tour of his 40 acre home.

88%VideoJul 2016

Is a $5000 guitar worth it?

(7:24) Comparing a $150 a Motion TD-107 guitar with a $5000 Martin D-42.

87%VideoJul 2016

Can you solve the Pier Puzzle?

(5:07) There's a nice elegant solution.

92%VideoJul 2016

One year on Earth, as seen from one million miles away

(2:46) First image of sunlit Earth captured by NASA satellite 1 million miles away.

87%VideoJul 2016

Flight Of The Conchords watch penguins on TV

(2:28) Kiwi comedians Flight Of The Conchords watch a documentary about forest-dwelling penguins in New Zealand.