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86%VideoDec 2017

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour is a threat to bankers

(1:32) Jeremy Corbyn tells it as it is.


87%VideoDec 2017

The Science of Thinking

(12:10) How the brain works, how we learn, and why we sometimes make stupid mistakes.


87%VideoDec 2017

Things that go "bing" in the mind of Donald Trump

(1:06) Donald Trump's best word.

86%VideoDec 2017

TYT - You won't believe how much TV Trump watches

(9:51) A deep dive into Donald Trump's daily life.

87%VideoDec 2017

Former Facebook executive: Social media is ripping apart society

(4:14) Chamath Palihapitiya comments on the addictive nature of social media.

88%VideoDec 2017

How much does your diet affect climate change?

(5:39) Research shows that small changes to our diet can make a difference to our carbon emissions.

87%VideoDec 2017

Christmas tree fire: Watered tree vs dry tree

(2:17) According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 200 home fires each year start with a Christmas tree.

94%VideoDec 2017

Mrs Eagle, close and personal


87%VideoDec 2017

Democracy Now! - The dangerous case of Donald Trump

(10:01) Duty to warn.


88%VideoDec 2017

Brian Cox - Is time travel to the past possible?

(6:06) Is it possible for a person who invents a time machine in the future, to travel back and show us how to make one?