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86%Aug 2015

On my gravestone I want "Here lies the singer" not ...

On my gravestone I want "Here lies the singer" not "Here lies the TV presenter". Cilla Black, English singer and TV presenter (1943 - 2015).

89%VideoAug 2015

Champagne shot

(0:46) A Champagne bottle doesn't take kindly to being thrown at a wall.

87%VideoAug 2015

Ray Collins - Sea Stills

(7:06) Rising mountains of sea captured by Australian photographer Ray Collins.

88%VideoAug 2015

World's first robotic chef

(2:33) Will kitchens fitted with robotic arms become the norm?

94%VideoAug 2015

Super-real 3D spider drawing


88%VideoAug 2015

Truth About Rats: Rat Tricks

(3:56) Tricks from much-despised but clever rodents.

64%VideoAug 2015

Cilla Black's wedding in 1969

(1:18) Cilla Black, born Priscilla White, married her manager Bobby Willis in 1969.

86%PictureAug 2015

Modern art that would cost you a fortune to own

(14 pics) Blood Red Mirror by Gerhard Richter - $1.1 Million

85%PictureAug 2015

Sorry guys, tunnel is closed today

Can you write a better caption?

87%VideoAug 2015

Bill Nye reads mean tweets

(2:38) Two Bill Nye fans are making a documentary about Bill Nye the Science Guy.