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86%VideoJan 2018

Testing the world's smartest autonomous car

(8:41) What driving in the future will be like.

88%VideoJan 2018

The Daily Show - False missile alert puts Hawaii into frenzy

(4:24) An accidental missile alert prompts Hawaii into nationwide panic.

86%VideoJan 2018

Russell Brand & Brian Cox - 'Under The Skin' teaser

(2:09) Clip from upcoming 'Under The Skin' episode with Russell Brand and Brian Cox.

86%VideoJan 2018

Fast and furious in an Amish winter


89%VideoJan 2018

Flocking with birds

(4:09) Birds of feather flock together.

88%VideoJan 2018

Hans Rosling - Why the world population won't exceed 11 billion

(16:36) Swedish statistician Hans Rosling explains why the total human population won't exceed 11 billion, as others predict and fear.

87%VideoJan 2018

Robot meets autonomous car

(3:57) Sophia by Hanson Robotics goes for a drive with Jack, a self-driving car by Audi.

88%VideoJan 2018

Sassy Trump: my meeting had great reviews

(1:43) All the President's words.


87%VideoJan 2018

What does Zuma do?

(7:01) The mystery of the Zuma mission deepens. Lei proposes a theory as to what happened.

87%VideoJan 2018

What if there were no borders

(3:59) What would a borderless world be like? Global GDP could rocket, but free movement around the world could be problematic.