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87%VideoJun 2018

The Boring Company to build tunnel link to Chicago airport

(2:19) The city of Chicago has selected The Boring Company to design and build a high-speed underground transit system.

86%VideoJun 2018

How North Korean media covered Trump-Kim summit

(1:42) North Korea's 'Lady in Pink' announces Kim Jong-un's departure for Singapore.

86%VideoJun 2018

Jucheism, the ideology that underpins North Korea

(2:55) Masters of their desitiny.

86%VideoJun 2018

Emirates to trial "windowless" planes

(4:18) Would you be happy to trade your window view for a screen?


86%VideoJun 2018

How animals have adapted to human activity

(7:03) Why do Czech deer never cross into Germany even though there is no border? Fascinating examples of how some animals have adapted to human influences.

86%VideoJun 2018

Chinese policeman helps an old man across the road


88%VideoJun 2018

Iceberg scares tourists away

(0:58) Dramatic moment when an iceberg breaks in half.

87%VideoJun 2018

Stephen Colbert - When Trump met Kim

(9:46) Stephen Colbert recaps the events around Donald Trump's historic meeting with Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

87%VideoJun 2018

TYT - Iran warns North Korea not to trust Trump

(8.58) Iran released a statement reminding Kim Jong-un that Donald Trump pulled out of the US/Iran deal.


88%VideoJun 2018

Driving by an active crime scene

(0:50) Shooting in a San Francisco barbershop.