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86%VideoMar 2018

The greatest paralympic scandal of all time

(13:22) In the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Spain decided to hit the basketball court with a team of non-disabled players.

86%VideoMar 2018

Conspiracy theory claims Stephen Hawking died in 1985

(4:04) A bizarre conspiracy theory claims that Stephen Hawking diesd in 1985 and was replaced with a lookalike.

87%VideoMar 2018

Why isn't cycling normal in London?

(11:00) Cycling is free, healthy, faster, and you can park pretty much anywhere. So why do so few people cycle in London?

86%AnimationMar 2018

Robert Riech - Stock Buybacks

(2:40) Before 1982, stock buybacks were illegal. Economist Robert Reich explains why they should again be made illegal.


88%VideoMar 2018

Chick whispering toddler sings a chick to sleep



94%VideoMar 2018

A new view of the moon

(3:18) The moon from a telescope on the streets of LA.

88%VideoMar 2018

Beagle out a treadmill


87%VideoMar 2018

Permafrost thaw is faster than expected

(11:23) The thawing permafrost is overtaking computer model predictions creating an alien landscape of thaw ponds.

86%VideoMar 2018

Google bans bitcoin adverts

(5:39) Google has landed a major blow for Bitcoin after it was announced adverts for the cryptocurrency would be removed.

87%VideoMar 2018

Farmer sends a message to space

(5:18) All systems go for the world's first cow space art.