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62%VideoApr 2017

Cat does trust fall


87%VideoApr 2017

Canada's new Northwest Passage

(11:16) The arctic ice is melting, there's no doubt about that.


88%VideoApr 2017

Seth Meyers - Trump's first 100 days

(11:32) Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Donald Trump's first 100 days.

91%VideoApr 2017

How nature documentaries are fake

(5:50) Everyone loves BBC's Planet Earth, but how much of it is real?


88%VideoApr 2017

Elon Musk presents the spaceship that will take us to Mars

(25:15) The plan is to have a fully sustainable population on Mars of about 1 million people, 40 - 100 years after the first flight.

88%VideoApr 2017

Can you hold your breath as long as this Filipino diver?

(3:01) Bajau fisherman, Sulbin freedives to 20 metres to catch a fish.

87%VideoApr 2017

Biisuke Ball's Big Adventure

(4:07) Japanese Rube Goldberg machines tells the adventurous story of Biisuke's rescue.

88%VideoApr 2017

TYT - Think Trump's stupid?

(10:46) God help us all, the clown of all clowns is POTUS


87%AnimationApr 2017

Airbus autonomous car/drone hybrid concept

(2:03) Airbus and Italdesign present Pop.Up, a modular passenger vehicle system to relieve traffic congestion.

87%VideoApr 2017

The Enforcer (1976) - Interview scene

(3:26) When Dirty Harry got a taste of feminsism.