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86%VideoAug 2017

Deep sea fish farming

(10:02) Aquaculture (fish farming) is the fastest growing food system on the planet.

94%VideoAug 2017

Pedestrian-eating car safety device from 1939

(0:33) Made and invented in Sheffield.


87%VideoAug 2017

Two big bugs

(0:14) Two types of phasmids: jungle nymph and Macleay's spectre.


88%VideoAug 2017

Stephen Colbert - Interview with The Mooch - #1

(10:08) Ex-White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci faces some difficult questions by Stephen Colbert.

87%VideoAug 2017

Former general analyses North Korea's military strategy

(2:15) General James Spider Marks, former military intelligence officer in South Korea, breaks down North Korea's military strategy.


87%VideoAug 2017

Don't Be a Sucker (1947)

(17:25) US military anti-fascist film produced in the wake of WW2.

87%VideoAug 2017

SpaceX's mysterious Roomba-like robot

(1:53) SpaceX fans are extremely curious about a new robot that keeps appearing on SpaceX's drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You".

87%VideoAug 2017

TYT - White supremacists lynch black man in Charlottesville

(6:35) De'Andre Harris was participating in the Charlottesville counter protest when he was jumped by white supremacists.

88%VideoAug 2017

VICE - Day of the Sun celebration, North Korea

(5:34) As tensions rise on the Korean Peninsula, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un shows off his military might.

88%VideoAug 2017

6 problems with our school system

(5:56) The traditional system of education was designed in the industrial age and is now outdated and ineffective.