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87%VideoMay 2017

Baby bear helps out with the potatoes


87%VideoMay 2017

Wanna be friends?

(0:16) Being human is no longer required.

87%VideoMay 2017

Seven generations of the Porsche 911

(1:23) 1,000,000 Porsche 911s have been built since its debut in 1964.

87%VideoMay 2017

What's behind Ivanka Trump's marriage?

(6:01) Both with powerful and controversial dads, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are not your run-of-the-mill couple.

87%VideoMay 2017

Navy SEAL commander: You're not the best

(1:32) Four star admiral and Navy SEAL commander William McRaven explains what his training taught him about ego.

87%VideoMay 2017

How food-bots are changing how we eat

(6:39) Artificial intelligence and advanced automation are everywhere including our farm fields and kitchens.

88%VideoMay 2017

Trump's co-writer predicts President will resign

(3:43) Which will come first, impeachment or resignation?

87%VideoMay 2017

Inside China's largest ghost city

(1:30) In the early 2000s, a coal-mining boom led to massive urban development in the hopes of creating a new epicenter of culture, economy, and politics.

85%PictureMay 2017

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Can you write a better caption?


86%VideoMay 2017

There's fish activity in the aquarium

(1:10) What the heck is going on here?