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87%VideoFeb 2017

Origami-inspired police shield

(1:59) Lightweight and bullet-proof, this ballistic barrier is a new addition to police armoury.

88%VideoFeb 2017

Should the state give everyone a basic income?

(19:24) Big Questions debate on a trending topic, the universal basic income.

87%VideoFeb 2017

The Black Mambas, all female anti-poaching unit

(2:34) The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit (Black Mamba APU) is a mostly female ranger unit protecting wildlife in South Africa. 2:34

87%VideoFeb 2017

Trump's travel expenses in 1 month, same as Obama's in 1 year

(7:47) David Pakman looks at the Trump family's travel expenses.

87%VideoFeb 2017

Boeing's new blue space suits

(2:16) Boeing Blue is the new space suit designed for the company's Starliner capsule.

88%VideoFeb 2017

Tiny Tim calls in sick at school


87%VideoFeb 2017

Overflowing glory hole spillway, Lake Berryessa

(3:28) Drone footage of the glory hole spillway at Lake Berryssa overflowing.


94%VideoFeb 2017

Fierce dog fight


87%VideoFeb 2017

Octopus and crab face off


87%VideoFeb 2017

Questioning near-term human extinction

(15:00) Climate scientist Paul Beckworth discusses near-term human extinction, a topic that is trending among the more alarmist of climate scientists.