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60%VideoMar 2017

Rabbi Abraham Twerski explains true love

(2:02) Words of wisdom from American Hasidic rabbi Abraham Twerski.


87%VideoMar 2017

Fiancé in the bomb suit



88%VideoMar 2017

Historian explains tyranny to Bill Maher

(5:28) Yale professor and historian Timothy Snyder joins Bill Maher to discuss his latest book, "On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century." March 24, 2017.

87%VideoMar 2017

This Muslim thinks atheism is a disease

(11:54) Science enthusiast, atheist and vlogger, aka Cosmic Skeptic Alex Connor takes on a Muslim who may or may not exist.

86%VideoMar 2017

Hummingbird pool party


87%VideoMar 2017

Face to face with a wild cheetah

(5`:10) Stay calm and don't jump about.

88%VideoMar 2017

Will circular runways ever take off?

(3:00) Could circular runways be the future of air travel?


87%VideoMar 2017

Elizabeth Warren warns Trump will sabotage healthcare

(6:40) President Trump plays politics with Americans' health.

94%VideoMar 2017

Why is Switzerland so rich?

(10:43) Can we learn something from the Swiss system?


87%AnimationMar 2017

If the world were 100 people

(2:27) How society would look if the world population was only 100.