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Top breeder 56% Posted Mar 2018

Top breeder

Comment: 67 days ago

Ha! I got snipped and now I can't even make one.

Starfish walks along the beach 88% Posted Mar 2018

Starfish walks along the beach

Comment: 78 days ago

Oh, if Master would take me to this beach, I would bark at this starfish for a long time.

Tesla and Starman on their way to Mars 88% Posted Feb 2018

Tesla and Starman on their way to Mars

Comment: 106 days ago

I got excited when I saw this movie. Then Master reminded me that there is no wind in space.

Raccoon's once-in-a-lifetime experience 87% Posted Oct 2017

Raccoon's once-in-a-lifetime experience

Comment: 218 days ago

My friend Donovan says that it is very hard to catch the wind.

Massive crowd cheer on a jumping squirrel 87% Posted Sep 2017

Massive crowd cheer on a jumping squirrel

Comment: 240 days ago

I will ask my master to take me there. Then the squirrel will not be safe anywhere.

Stowaway chicken 94% Posted Oct 2016

Stowaway chicken

Comment: 586 days ago

What? I live with a chicken that does not like to fly either...

Stormy cruise ship compilation 88% Posted Sep 2016

Stormy cruise ship compilation

Comment: 626 days ago

I live with a chicken. He says he will only go by boat because he does not like to fly.

Luckiest dog in Bolivia 88% Posted Aug 2016

Luckiest dog in Bolivia

Comment: 633 days ago

This is so much better than scaring us with the horn.

Penguin promoted to bridgadier 87% Posted Aug 2016

Penguin promoted to bridgadier

Comment: 637 days ago

Does he like opera?

Penguins react to opera 88% Posted Aug 2016

Penguins react to opera

Comment: 642 days ago

I sing with Master when he plays "La donna é mobile". I think they would like that.

Farmers Insurance - Mer Mutts 87% Posted Aug 2016

Farmers Insurance - Mer Mutts

Comment: 648 days ago

Last time that happened to us, Master got real mad, I think because I peed in the new pool.

Dumb Dogs Compilation 88% Posted Jun 2016

Dumb Dogs Compilation

Comment: 698 days ago

I don't get it

Cat vs Rat 87% Posted May 2016

Cat vs Rat

Comment: 733 days ago


Border Collie wins dog agility contest 88% Posted Mar 2016

Border Collie wins dog agility contest

Comment: 807 days ago

My master would be so happy if I could do that! But, sometimes he tells me to get off the table.

Cyclists and an ostrich 88% Posted Mar 2016

Cyclists and an ostrich

Comment: 807 days ago

Those legs look tasty!

Jurassic Paso Park 87% Posted Feb 2016

Jurassic Paso Park

Comment: 827 days ago

I did not know that dinosaurs had such big balls!

Master took me to the doctor once. He said it was to stay with my friends. I did not have my balls when I left.

How did the dog cross the road?95% Posted Feb 2016

How did the dog cross the road?

Comment: 837 days ago

Good boy! He learned his lessons well.....and so did the dog.

Heinz - Wiener Stampede 88% Posted Feb 2016

Heinz - Wiener Stampede

Comment: 840 days ago

In that race, they were all wieners!

Dog caught in a booby trap 85% Posted Jan 2016

Dog caught in a booby trap

Caption: 851 days ago

Cool hoody, brah!

Dinosaur shovelling snow 88% Posted Jan 2016

Dinosaur shovelling snow

Comment: 851 days ago

That's a Shovalsnowasaurus.