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Ostrich chases cyclists 88% Posted Jan 2018

Ostrich chases cyclists

Comment: 80 days ago

As abruptly as the ostrich and the cyclists hastily dispersed from their lesson, the herd of wildebeests soon closed the gap between them. The ostrich, nobly taking the high road to divert the ominous bovidae, eventually stopped and dazzled the gnu acquaintances for hours with traditional Indian Odissi dancing.


Coincidentally, the cyclists chose the low road and ended careening off the washed out path, plunging into the azure blue Indian Ocean below, never to be seen again.


The End

Stowaway chicken 94% Posted Oct 2016

Stowaway chicken

Comment: 523 days ago

After he managed to cross the road, he proceeded to the nearby Burger King, where his new online date had arranged to have him over for dinner.

After that dinner, he never dated online again.

The End