Cow crash
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Cow crash

Cow crash

Proof that cows can't fly

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Guest: Motor Cow Enthusiast (2315 days ago)
Mr Magoo's hood ornament had been loose for a while so he was not surprised when it finally shook loose on the freeway...

Guest: IID1E4 (2316 days ago)
that will learn you for having a horn that works.

Guest: Gee (2315 days ago)
If he had worn his seatbelt.....

Guest: Deathspade (2457 days ago)
To:Earth From:God Subject: I warned you I told you not to worship the cow.

Guest: mac (2660 days ago)
my udder cars a porsche

Guest: (2661 days ago)
Maybe the cow got confused when it heard the car had incredible STEERing.

Guest: Diddly (2315 days ago)
FOR SALE: Lovely cow hide leather interior, custom horn

Guest: Gordon Ramsbitz (2315 days ago)
New drive through fast food outlet is a bit keen with an order for a rare steak burger on opening night.

Guest: monny2008 (2316 days ago)
wil someone please remoooooooove this cow!

Guest: James Antonio. (2316 days ago)
The salesman said everything about this car was genuine, and that was no BULL!

Guest: Iskra (2315 days ago)
Where were going we dont need Roa...MOOOOOOOOOO!

Guest: G Scott (2315 days ago)
chik fila commercial gone bad

Guest: Tiggertronix (2659 days ago)
BBC's Top Gear on holiday again?

Guest: ctiger77 (2662 days ago)
Here's the BEEF

Guest: crazyak (2316 days ago)
I Swear!!!! I blew the horn and the damn thing just wouldn't mooove.............

Guest: coonta (2662 days ago)
hahaha fell sory for tghe guy dose he have insurance

Guest: Beefy Bugger (2315 days ago)
Q. What's the last thing to go through a cow's mind as it slams through your windscreen at 130mph? A. It's arsehole.

Guest: minibulker (2662 days ago)
....with free air conditioning ,sunroof and leather interior

Guest: hectic (2316 days ago)
its no longer raining cats and dogs

Guest: HOUSE PRICE CRASH (2635 days ago)
Porsche in the red because of bull market.

Guest: John Davis (PC) (2662 days ago)
Genuine Leather Interior !

Guest: imelliott (2316 days ago)
Bullish on Americar

Guest: Papa Bob (2661 days ago)
The true danger of a Bull Market

Guest: PRES (2643 days ago)

Guest: CINDI (2315 days ago)
"GOT MILK????"

Guest: (2440 days ago)
Bull 5HIT
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Guest: G Scott (2315 days ago)
Holy cow!

Guest: andy (2316 days ago)
where the buck did that come from

Guest: Moove Over (2315 days ago)
Suicide cow launches protest at motorist who claims cows emit more greenhouse gases than cars.

Guest: ajhawkinsjr (2316 days ago)
Lamborgini had it's VENGENCE!!!
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