Dinky Carabinieri
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Dinky Carabinieri

Dinky Carabinieri

No one could slip under the net of the 'bambini branch'

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Guest: adam (3674 days ago)
The Italian chief of police denies watching the Italian Job during annual budget meetings
Vote up (154)down (77)
Guest: Sam Borin (3670 days ago)
The plan to arm the Carabinieri with miniguns was misunderstood by the Police Department's purchasing division.
Vote up (120)down (72)
Guest: yea, thats right (3676 days ago)
mafia decide to cut funds on unneccessary expenses.
Vote up (127)down (68)
Guest: Wolfy T (3671 days ago)
Tired of getting stick for thier car, the Police took matters into thier own hands...
Vote up (125)down (75)
Guest: pete (3676 days ago)
'Just stop and ask for directions!'
Vote up (113)down (74)
Guest: Mr Bombastic (3670 days ago)
Look over there Mario its Marco Materazzi and i'll give a better reason to dive
Vote up (123)down (76)
Guest: homer42 (3673 days ago)
big car or big weapon? it really was no contest
Vote up (102)down (72)
Guest: simon carpenter (3670 days ago)
you need a gun when u are in a small car like this?
Vote up (116)down (76)
Guest: James Rockz (3673 days ago)
the BMW isetta bubble car only just gets to italy... brings you back to the early ninety's
Vote up (110)down (70)
Guest: leza (3649 days ago)
your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off
Vote up (101)down (74)
Guest: moonzero2 (3671 days ago)
The security replacement for the popemobile was not a great success.
Vote up (101)down (86)
Guest: Miss Teen USA (3670 days ago)
well, we would just be 2nd wittiest to you the editor. Feels good to write one thing and have thousands of responses don't it?
Vote up (103)down (78)
Guest: babs (3672 days ago)
franco and luigi hadnt quite get the hang of 'grand theft auto'
Vote up (101)down (76)
Guest: Milky (3673 days ago)
It's about time they dropped the height rule in Italy
Vote up (101)down (70)
Guest: Papa Bob (3674 days ago)
You got any more jokes about the cheif's wife Antonio?
Vote up (101)down (74)
Guest: Mark (3673 days ago)
Toy Storys armed reponse team called in after woody shoots Buzz Lightyear
Vote up (101)down (79)
Guest: me (3668 days ago)
italian newest mobile rifle
Vote up (101)down (83)
Guest: DW (3675 days ago)
After finally finding a willing volunteer, the Italian police were able to continue with ejector seat trials
Vote up (101)down (84)
Guest: alex (3676 days ago)
Italian army invests in new tank, as usual unlikely ever to be used
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: Eugene Powell Till (3674 days ago)
Anyone seen my other roller skate
Vote up (106)down (91)
Guest: godfrey windsor esq (3671 days ago)
Russians patrol the streets of Surrey after information leaked that Jeremy Clarkson crashed during the Top Gear road test of the new Carabinieri Convertible 2.0, pictured above.
Vote up (101)down (90)
Guest: Dennis LaCour (3673 days ago)
Hey Man Got any Bullets
Vote up (101)down (85)
Guest: lord felchingham (3670 days ago)
Push .....sorry Pull !
Vote up (113)down (91)
Guest: damski (3672 days ago)
the new Carabinieri 112 - proof that size matters
Vote up (97)down (101)
Guest: Blom (3676 days ago)
The cardboard cut out that Jimmy had put through his Sun roof really aided in skipping the traffic
Vote up (98)down (101)
Guest: (3671 days ago)
you laugha ata my car & a shoota you in the head, capiche!!
Vote up (101)down (91)
Guest: andykay (3670 days ago)
Drive by, Italian style
Vote up (96)down (101)
Guest: Tyler Strong (3676 days ago)
Guest: Carabinieri112 (3671 days ago)
My other car is a car!
Vote up (100)down (101)
Guest: haxxor23 (3674 days ago)
puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull- llllllll
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