Russian astronauts take a pre-flight leak
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Russian astronauts take a pre-flight leakRussian astronauts take a pre-flight leak

Cosmonauts piss over the wheel of a bus before launch.This has been a Russian space program tradition for over 40 years

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Guest: lost dog (2400 days ago)
You know Bob, I still don't see what dogs get out'a this.

Guest: Doh! (2392 days ago)
"Does my Cock look big in this?"

Guest: M Chil (2409 days ago)
NASA isn't even trying anymore...

Guest: carmel (2411 days ago)
If I just touch it a bit, I'll be ready for lift off

Guest: Mr MaGoo (2411 days ago)
Come on put some effort into it, we just need to piss another 3 lbs and we should make the weight for liftoff

Guest: WillTell (2412 days ago)
Wait tell the comrade general sees this!

Guest:  (2409 days ago)
It's a long way to the moon and there are no service stations on the way

Guest: DidHeSayThat (2412 days ago)
".. seriously, if you are looking at my cock the next three months are going to redefine the word frustration"

Guest: Marquesay (2401 days ago)
Having held it in for far too long, men attempt to achieve orbit via piss strength alone.

Guest: jack (2386 days ago)
Latest caption: 'hey boris, look i can write my name, ARGH splashback!!!'

Guest: Tom (2411 days ago)
Funding crisis forces soviets to fill spacesuits with second-hand air.

Guest:  (2408 days ago)
i dont care what they said, theres no way this thing'll get us to the moon
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