Riot police ignore the penguin
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Riot police ignore the penguin

Riot police ignore the penguin

Pick up a penguin

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Guest: Reaprisal (3507 days ago)
News Just IN!!!!!! Microsoft and Apple Special Forces (MASF) Inavade Linux
Vote up (106)down (84)
Guest: meeeee (3500 days ago)
50ft rampaging fish spits out half chewed penguin.
Vote up (119)down (73)
Guest: walton (3508 days ago)
wait... i think its trying to talk!
Vote up (156)down (80)
Guest: sarah (3508 days ago)
nasty mr policeman!..poor Pingu! :(
Vote up (101)down (65)
Guest: apple (3499 days ago)
Linux sucks
Vote up (138)down (77)
Guest: SpitBlood (3499 days ago)
irans best working spyplane
Vote up (129)down (77)
Guest: colleen (3508 days ago)
i think this is the funniest thing that ever fell out of my bottom
Vote up (99)down (101)
Guest: Karel (3508 days ago)
BBC's flying penguin, angry after being blown off course, lands in the middle of a demo in Slovakia, to the amusement of the riot police.
Vote up (101)down (68)
Guest: sarah (3507 days ago)
you're right, its just my dad keeps beating me...~sheds tears of loneliness~
Vote up (113)down (75)
Guest: not so stupid (3500 days ago)
nice try tom!
Vote up (109)down (70)
Guest: s.maus (3489 days ago)
another victory for Microsoft.
Vote up (114)down (78)
Guest: S BURNS (3500 days ago)
Vote up (101)down (73)
Guest: Stupid caption (3500 days ago)
Hooligans resort to hurling penguins as apposed to rocks!!
Vote up (111)down (92)
Guest: Ciderfrom11 (3508 days ago)
He should have used Right Guard...
Vote up (101)down (72)
Guest: toni tone tone (3507 days ago)
Pingu's hopes of winning british bulldog were looking decidedly slim
Vote up (104)down (79)
Guest: LinuxTheSmartarse (3508 days ago)
Police are looking for a casually dressed semi-retired Microsoft billionaire.
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: Tom (3379 days ago)
Vote up (102)down (85)
Guest: chris12345 (3484 days ago)
New epedemic- Chav Penguins, riot police sent out to deal with these fiends, over 40 police needed to deal with them!
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: Adam (3507 days ago)
pingu had heard of police brutality, but this was just rediculous
Vote up (101)down (91)
Guest: Forkboy68 (3504 days ago)
When you feel a little p-peckish....ppp pick up a penguin!
Vote up (101)down (85)
Guest: ajhawkinsjr (3488 days ago)
Stay frosty guys these monsters could be anywhere!!!
Vote up (101)down (85)
Guest: HH (3500 days ago)
When Pingu's friends told him he'd get a frosty reception if he visited the city, he didn't bank on this...
Vote up (101)down (94)
Guest: OLA (3500 days ago)
I love penis can I lick it
Vote up (101)down (97)
Guest: Tower (3505 days ago)
Bird Flu Strikes Again
Vote up (101)down (94)
Guest: (3507 days ago)
Overwhelmed by the army of penguins, the police decided to fly a plane overhead
Vote up (101)down (100)
Guest: X (3499 days ago)
Not quite pheasant under glass, but for these guys it will do.
Vote up (96)down (101)
Guest: OLA (3508 days ago)
pick up a penguin?
Vote up (101)down (99)
Guest: OLA (3507 days ago)
now now, don't be so hard on yourself
Guest: sarah (3506 days ago)
never, I'm way too much of a bitch to agree to that. PSYCHE!
Guest: Craig (3368 days ago)
You guys aren't a patch on Batman!
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