Bear takes taxi ride
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Bear takes taxi ride

Bear takes taxi ride

Mummy bear's going to get that thieving kid

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Guest: diddly (3428 days ago)
Quick take me to the woods I need a shit
Guest: (3427 days ago)
I can't bear it when you have to give directions to the taxi-driver
Guest: Wild Will (3426 days ago)
Colleen in her losing race for the best captions.
Guest: Carroll P (3508 days ago)
He dude, this is a marithon....Where is the water guy?
Guest: OLA & his Wild Willy (3514 days ago)
Pick up a bear, sorry, make that another penguin! ..Christ, that puff was strong, man.
Guest: Yogi (3514 days ago)
Newsflash: Yogi bear in high speed pursuit of picnic basket.
Guest: Day-O-Babyeyes (3425 days ago)
Well, the damn GPS said bear to the right!
Guest: Your name (3513 days ago)
Don't you hate traffic jams? This taxi is bear-ly moving.
Guest: LOLA (3425 days ago)
Guest: DB Sweeny (3425 days ago)
Latest caption: Okay, we'll need a lion, a tiger, and some of those flying monkeys.
Guest: Cal Fair (3496 days ago)
Taxi fare: 5 B.B Gun: 15 Having your pet Grizzly Bear do the coolest taxi drive-by: Priceless
Guest: arron dan ste (3427 days ago)
You told me to bear right!!
Guest: JessJess (3510 days ago)
Mum get your head in tha goddamm window!
Guest: leon (3511 days ago)
faster faster! i wanna get home before that bitch goldielocks eats my porridge again
Guest: Bo Bo (3427 days ago)
Your rug is trying to escape sir!!
Guest: Manga Babe (3513 days ago)
What a bear-wildering passenger!
Guest: cyp (3513 days ago)
Taxi! follow that honey delivery truck!
Guest: grrr (3514 days ago)
Never mind the mafia.
Guest: stupid (3427 days ago)
For f**ks sake will you just buy a mirror like everyone else
Guest: jumpsoot (3428 days ago)
Follow the bear
Guest: colleen (3425 days ago)
poor wild will. now EVERYONE knows hes a pillock :)
Guest: Horrorboy (3489 days ago)
Grizzly Adams returns, with a friend.
Guest: Blom (3514 days ago)
Faster than the average bear
Guest: LAURIE (3425 days ago)
Guest: Bemum (3514 days ago)
The reason the bear is in the taxi cab is that there is no bus service in this end of town.
Guest: andy (3513 days ago)
Its just up here on the right mate...
Guest: IID1E4 (3428 days ago)
q. why are you hanging out of the window, are you saying my cab stinks? a. do i shit in the woods.
Guest: Naughty Bear (3513 days ago)
Colleen! I is on ma way! Get yer liddl' 'ole panties off, lady! You KNOW I izza cummin' 'ter fill yer hunny pot!
Guest: Jim P (3425 days ago)
beware. beware, beware of the naked bear
Guest: andhi (3427 days ago)
Late for work at the circus?
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