Sony tribe
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Sony tribe

Sony tribe

Chief orders from Tesco to save time

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Guest: wild will (3300 days ago)
How did you say implants is spelled?
Vote up (128)down (78)
Guest: Cheif cammeltoe (3346 days ago)
*google how you can get aids* Ah raping monkeys thats where weve been goin wrong all these years....
Vote up (100)down (94)
Guest: icc (3347 days ago)
hey cassasimu i dint kno u had myspace
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: drunken jt (3347 days ago)
explorers! explorers! hide the laptop!
Vote up (101)down (81)
Guest: (3355 days ago)
Ok says press any key to turn on ....... which ones the any key?
Vote up (101)down (71)
Guest: dmw (3356 days ago)
It says here i have a distant uncle that just died and left me money. All i have to do is enter my bank account details to collect $10m.
Vote up (101)down (74)
Guest: evilalien (3344 days ago)
gosh! we too could loose our connection to nature, our tribal identity and end up as sad silicon tit enthralled bastards in the matrix. its the way forward of course
Vote up (101)down (72)
Guest: Yappster (3344 days ago)
Its going to take us ages to get through all this information! who would have thought some knob left all these convicts name on it.
Vote up (101)down (74)
Guest: Paddy (3345 days ago)
"Fcuk me, you cant have a Wan_k in peace !"
Vote up (101)down (73)
Guest: (3346 days ago)
Facebook me yeah?
Vote up (101)down (85)
Guest: mikescarpets (3356 days ago)
why wont the magic box work antmore
Vote up (101)down (86)
radicalrhonda radicalrhonda (597 days ago)
Latest caption:

Look we just got a message ... Yes this is Amazon customer service how can we help you?

Guest: fishhead (3346 days ago)
If I win this next hand I get guaranteed invite to World Series of Poker in Vegas baby!
Vote up (101)down (89)
Guest: Big J Wise (3344 days ago)
What is this? Numa Numa Guy?
Vote up (101)down (97)
Guest: Andi (3347 days ago)
Please, please River an Ace, be an Ace
Vote up (101)down (93)
Guest: Carroll P (3355 days ago)
"Hey guys, look"! Africa is going for"GOLD" in Beijing
Vote up (101)down (91)
Guest: Dave (3336 days ago)
"Direct X 9, 80 gig hard drive, 512MB 233 memory and an 8ms response screen? I suggest we fade back into the jungle until they stop treating us like idiots".
Vote up (101)down (93)
Guest: grant falder (3347 days ago)
this is not the elton john fan club
Guest: Paul Shepherd (3346 days ago)
"Damn", Guess I should have had that sales guy show me how to use this thing before we ate him
Vote up (100)down (101)
Guest: OLA (3355 days ago)
Who said excessive masturbation makse yuo dslxeyic?
Vote up (101)down (100)
Guest: Jmase (3344 days ago)
are missonarys never got into that Position
Vote up (95)down (101)
Guest: LogicIsPower (3355 days ago)
Looking to increase his tribes productivity Chief Big Willy Googles "New head Shrinking Techniques"
Vote up (101)down (97)
Guest: Andi (3347 days ago)
OHHH nooo! what the mighty spirits say is true...Justin and Cameron really DID break up.
Guest: AKA (3347 days ago)
Guest: sarah (3356 days ago)
sony tribe
Vote up (86)down (101)
Guest: davy crockett (3346 days ago)
woman up and right of cheif......' t your bastard hand off my tit'
Vote up (92)down (101)
Guest: Russ (3346 days ago)
Now That's What I Call & Pair of Tits
Vote up (80)down (101)
Guest: (3347 days ago)
The only pornography website which shows women WEARING tops
Vote up (89)down (101)
Guest: George (3356 days ago)
eww saggy boobiess!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha- haaaaa
Guest: only me (3344 days ago)
if that's the so called real world....You can keep it.
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