A piss with a view
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A piss with a view

A piss with a view

Sky leak

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Guest: qwerty (3485 days ago)
The toillets? First on the right then up the stairs
Vote up (115)down (48)
Guest: Digo (3486 days ago)
wait until you see where they put the toilets.
Vote up (101)down (64)
Guest: LogicIsPower (3485 days ago)
Warning: Vertigo suffers do not use this restroom.
Vote up (101)down (75)
Guest: weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! (3380 days ago)
emergency toilets for people scared of heights
Vote up (101)down (89)
Guest: Carroll (3480 days ago)
You may have noticed, here on the GOODYEAR blimp our bathrooms don't flush!
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: Jangdu (3485 days ago)
I am pissing on the whole city and they dont even know about it.
Vote up (101)down (95)
Guest: david707 (3484 days ago)
They obviously need urine donations for the next superweapon...
Vote up (94)down (101)
Guest: (3402 days ago)
so this is what god feels like...
Vote up (87)down (101)
Guest: James Antonio. (3388 days ago)
It alway's rains beneth this window.
Vote up (101)down (99)
Guest: Max (3438 days ago)
I feel a shit-storm coming
Vote up (101)down (84)
Guest: anon (3486 days ago)
such a view... makes you piss ur pants!
Vote up (94)down (101)
Guest: Joxie (3486 days ago)
Architect: This building features the first ever 200 ft waterfall. It's, I would say, natural, but I wouldn't touch the water...some issue with the pipes...
Vote up (93)down (101)
Guest: KillTheRich (3441 days ago)
"Before the new regulations I could just piss on them from a great height" says a prominent financier.
Vote up (96)down (101)
Guest: Mike Oxlong (3486 days ago)
So, this is where the big knobs hang out.
Vote up (97)down (101)
Guest: Ronnie (3486 days ago)
The Pee High Club!
Vote up (66)down (101)
Guest: Will (3486 days ago)
Tom started to get the uneasy feeling that he was being watched
Vote up (92)down (101)
Guest: Will (3480 days ago)
After endless nagging from his friends, Mike finally agrees to get Skypee
Vote up (90)down (101)
Guest: DKirk (3468 days ago)
"Lets add more windows!" they said! "Lets make it known that we have nothing to hide!" they said!
Vote up (94)down (101)
Guest: ajhawkinsjr (3468 days ago)
The full meaning of the new installation was lost on some of the visitors to the museum's new Design In Industry Exhibit.
Vote up (66)down (101)
Guest: rich (3477 days ago)
It never rains here it piss's down.
Vote up (72)down (101)
Guest: Paul1965 (2031 days ago)
Latest caption: I feel quite secure here - no cameras prying on me....
Vote up (63)down (101)
Guest: trainreks (3485 days ago)
to get where i am today i had to piss on alot of the people below me... this just feels right.
Vote up (88)down (101)
Guest: g (3485 days ago)
no need for privacy, if they can see it from down there then youre doing something right anatomically!
Vote up (52)down (101)
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