Easyjet in deep trouble
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Easyjet in deep trouble

Easyjet in deep trouble

Low cost airline trials fuel-saving method of crossing the Channel

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Guest: bill (2911 days ago)
Guest: wild will (2910 days ago)
British pilots at their best!
Guest: pisser (2909 days ago)
dude why cudent u go before we went on here?!?!?!
Guest: Stevieboy (2912 days ago)
Its a Taliban sub, but someone forgot to tell the Yanks!
Guest: P-man (2910 days ago)
Puddle jumper rehab!
Guest: Max (2898 days ago)
Easywet com
Guest: Boobala (2911 days ago)
Sorry Mom, I couldn't hold it
Guest: Max (2898 days ago)
Airsub U320
Guest: me (2912 days ago)
new and improved easy-water-jet
Guest: INSANITY!!! (2907 days ago)
easyjets not having an easy time...
Guest: funny guy (2911 days ago)
Guest: (2911 days ago)
Water wings!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Guest: monstermunch (2894 days ago)
now wheres the bubble bath gone?
Guest: Wild Will (2896 days ago)
Hey BritsRus, take your head out of your ASS and face the facts, you peoplle are arses!
Guest: jt (2907 days ago)
Easy Jet Wash....Can The Passengers please keep their seatbelts fastened until the ferry gets in....
Guest: Mez (2844 days ago)
Latest caption: (Ding Dong) Were are sorry ladies and gentlemen put the flight from Gatwick to Orlando has been cancelled . Fortunatly , We have recreated a sunny beach outside .(Ding Dong) I don't get paid enough for this..Oh speackers still on!
Guest: mike scarpets (2911 days ago)
i knew we should have emptied the piss tanks in mid air
Guest: SCOUT (2912 days ago)
Guest: BritsRus and Proud! (2894 days ago)
Yee Hah, Wild Willy, yee hah!
Guest: AJ (2909 days ago)
hey, wher'd new orleans go??
Guest: Max (2898 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen we are just beginning to taxi to the runway and after that it'll be plain saling
Guest: Gadfly2008 (2912 days ago)
This is actually a top secret trial for Easyboat - a new cross channel ferry service designed to undercut the Chunnel and conventional ferry operators
Guest: BritsRus and Proud! (2909 days ago)
Hey, Pisser! Apart from the fact you're probably fake and obviously planted here to take the piss, I'll otherwise say exactly what I said to Boobala. Have a read ..that's of course if you're capable! :)
Guest: Rob Lowe (2899 days ago)
Another pissed pilot
Guest: Drakos (2909 days ago)
And now for the next business venture, Easy Jet Ski!!
Guest: david707 (2905 days ago)
Top Secret Underwater Planes Testing Commences
Guest: colleen (2911 days ago)
why couldnt you go before we boarded?
Guest: BritsRus and Proud! (2911 days ago)
So original, Boobala! Did you even notice any other captions here first or did you just go "Yee hah!" and steam in there like all the rest of you thick yanks seem to do?
Guest: Mad Max (2912 days ago)
Pointless invention #319: The Amphibious Airliner.
Guest: James Antonio (2898 days ago)
Planes toilets back up before take off.
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