Easyjet in deep trouble
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Easyjet in deep trouble

Easyjet in deep trouble

Low cost airline trials fuel-saving method of crossing the Channel

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Guest: bill (2332 days ago)

Guest: wild will (2331 days ago)
British pilots at their best!

Guest: pisser (2330 days ago)
dude why cudent u go before we went on here?!?!?!

Guest: Max (2319 days ago)
Airsub U320

Guest: Max (2319 days ago)
Easywet com

Guest: jt (2328 days ago)
Easy Jet Wash....Can The Passengers please keep their seatbelts fastened until the ferry gets in....

Guest: P-man (2331 days ago)
Puddle jumper rehab!

Guest: funny guy (2332 days ago)

Guest: Stevieboy (2333 days ago)
Its a Taliban sub, but someone forgot to tell the Yanks!

Guest: Wild Will (2317 days ago)
Hey BritsRus, take your head out of your ASS and face the facts, you peoplle are arses!

Guest: INSANITY!!! (2328 days ago)
easyjets not having an easy time...

Guest: BritsRus and Proud! (2330 days ago)
Hey, Pisser! Apart from the fact you're probably fake and obviously planted here to take the piss, I'll otherwise say exactly what I said to Boobala. Have a read ..that's of course if you're capable! :)

Guest: mike scarpets (2332 days ago)
i knew we should have emptied the piss tanks in mid air

Guest: (2332 days ago)
Water wings!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Guest: monstermunch (2315 days ago)
now wheres the bubble bath gone?

Guest: AJ (2330 days ago)
hey, wher'd new orleans go??

Guest: me (2333 days ago)
new and improved easy-water-jet

Guest: SCOUT (2332 days ago)

Guest: Max (2319 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen we are just beginning to taxi to the runway and after that it'll be plain saling

Guest: david707 (2326 days ago)
Top Secret Underwater Planes Testing Commences

Guest: Drakos (2330 days ago)
And now for the next business venture, Easy Jet Ski!!

Guest: colleen (2332 days ago)
why couldnt you go before we boarded?

Guest: Mad Max (2333 days ago)
Pointless invention #319: The Amphibious Airliner.

Guest: Mez (2265 days ago)
Latest caption: (Ding Dong) Were are sorry ladies and gentlemen put the flight from Gatwick to Orlando has been cancelled . Fortunatly , We have recreated a sunny beach outside .(Ding Dong) I don't get paid enough for this..Oh speackers still on!

Guest: Boobala (2332 days ago)
Sorry Mom, I couldn't hold it

Guest: Gadfly2008 (2333 days ago)
This is actually a top secret trial for Easyboat - a new cross channel ferry service designed to undercut the Chunnel and conventional ferry operators

Guest: Rob Lowe (2319 days ago)
Another pissed pilot

Guest: BritsRus and Proud! (2315 days ago)
Yee Hah, Wild Willy, yee hah!

Guest: Callum (2315 days ago)
What people don't realise is that it's not stuck in a flood. It's starting its journey to the secret underwater bargin suberine station

Guest: Ronnie (2332 days ago)
Easy jet more like laker air ways
Remote-controlled pterodactyl takes to the skies
Remote-controlled pterodactyl takes to the skies
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