Poor Father Christmas feels financial slump
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Poor Father Christmas feels financial slumpPoor Father Christmas feels financial slump

Down and out in Lapland.

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Guest: dean (2123 days ago)
Made in Tywan.

Guest: Gnome (1781 days ago)
Latest caption: The people of Low Marishes were sad they didn't get there usual sack of coal
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Guest: bob stahl (2121 days ago)
oh snap, puppies.

Guest: otherone (2147 days ago)
Santa found chimney training a must before the big night

Guest: homer42 (2142 days ago)
ooohh! here's something for karen mattehews

Guest: Dooley (2140 days ago)
There you go little billY.Its some soap on a rope and some air freshener!

Guest: wild will (2146 days ago)
Ahh! Here's something for those little ghetto bastards!

Guest: James Antonio. (2146 days ago)
Grotto in the ghetto.

Guest: Hamish adores pups (1781 days ago)
Santa is picking up Mrs Claus after a hard nights work

Guest: maphuseo (2129 days ago)
Credit Crunch Christmas

Guest: lovethattune.com (2146 days ago)
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph ... are you in there?

Guest: James Antonio. (2147 days ago)
His sliegh is broken and he has no transport, so he's thought he'd re-cycle with old bike parts.

Guest: The Mex (2123 days ago)
Ho this f@ckn guys from Wall Street!

Guest: LFC. (2146 days ago)
Not a proper Crimbo.

Guest: U2&JAH. (2146 days ago)
Santa poors.

Guest: Cheap as chips (2147 days ago)
Bargain Hunt

Guest: Claudius Maximus (2147 days ago)
No, don't get up. Here's a joint for you...and one for me.

Guest: LFC. (2147 days ago)
Santa leaves presents for the tramps.

Guest: Bemum (2147 days ago)

Guest: SecretSanta (2145 days ago)
"I'm sick of warning them about being bad. 2 kilos of industrial offal should do the trick"

Guest: Horror Boy (2124 days ago)
Location of Workshop Revealed.

Guest: Mr MaGoo (2139 days ago)
What do you expect after that many glasses of sherry? Doubt if he'll be able to surface for another 364 days.

Guest: Stevieboy (2146 days ago)
That's where my gifts come from she told me it's going to be a cheap christmas this year

Guest: Deano. (2146 days ago)
When did Santa become a hobo?
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