Car ferry problem
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Car ferry problem

Car ferry problem

You don't need a pen, I said list!

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Guest: (3287 days ago)
Ronaldo taught them how to dive, and he's an expert.
Guest: Davo (3303 days ago)
Blokes on the phone saying " excuse me boss.....we might have a little tiny problem to sort out".
Guest: Searchguru (3304 days ago)
The Boscombe man-made surf reef was complete at last.
Guest: S Winton (3305 days ago)
But Churchill!!! What do you mean Ooooooooohhhhh Nnooooooooo!!
Guest: hra (3273 days ago)
hello ,its happened again
Guest: brr (3273 days ago)
Yeah,boss.It was that Kate Winslett and Leonardo di Caprio on the bow again !
Guest: James Antonio. (3305 days ago)
Hay Boss, I think I'v found a quicker way of washing the cars.
Guest: JonnyB (3304 days ago)
...yes, I think the engine may be flooded...
Guest: Gordon Brown (3305 days ago)
Sir Fred Goodwin's wallet proved too much for the cross channel ferry !!
Guest: deadCan (3271 days ago)
Yep, just going in for a rinse now
Guest: Aymen M (3273 days ago)
"Dad, you'll never guess what mum's done..."
Guest: billy bob (3305 days ago)
Hi, may i have the number for the RAC please!
Guest: U2&JAH. (3304 days ago)
It's Boston harbour all over again, but this time it's British cars.
Guest: Martin Lawson (3273 days ago)
Hey Boss, you know, one day we will look back at this, smile nervously and change the subject!
Guest: jamesy (3305 days ago)
that'll get the seagull sh*t off the windscreen!
Guest: (3291 days ago)
'Bail out' is probably not the best choice of words, but yes it does relate to the car manufacturers ... could you just tell the president i've got rid of another 70 units and that should reduce the 'car stockpile'
Guest: (3303 days ago)
Hello, I'd like to make a claim on my insurance.
Guest: J.R. (3026 days ago)
Latest caption: Are you sure there's water in the carb
Guest: dmdmax (3304 days ago)
irish car wash (">
Guest: Hehe (3305 days ago)
I told the Americans to gather at the side of the boat because it causes just this to happen.
Guest: yep (3304 days ago)
I told you not to load the smart car!!!
Guest: joe (3304 days ago)
houston we have a problem
Guest: wainy (3305 days ago)
I know you told me not to press the red button, but I could not resist!
Guest: ern1911 (3301 days ago)
"uh yeah Boss, I'm kinda of in a jam..."
Guest: Ger Fitz (3305 days ago)
Hello Boss?... It's me... It's eh, happened again!
Guest: Huw Thomas (3273 days ago)
put em on Ebay as four wheeled goldfish bowls.
Guest: starmanjoe (3305 days ago)
Hello Luv I might be Late for Tea Somethings gone tits up at work
Guest: mofo78 (3301 days ago)
you´re call is very important to us.....there are 5 customers ahead of you..... you´re call is important to us........please hold the line......
Guest: Pete Star (3274 days ago)
Guest: James Antonio. (3305 days ago)
Can I claim salvage from a quayside?
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