When the heck is spring?
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When the heck is spring?

When the heck is spring?

I hate cartoons

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Guest: zebhazted (2230 days ago)
The Cat in the Hat was not impressed when he woke up after the stag do party...

Guest: Nicksta (2226 days ago)
Damn they were right...life does suck!

Guest: James Antonio. (2230 days ago)
I just hate waiting for BITTY.

Guest: U2&JAH. (2229 days ago)
Let me get this right. We're born small, bald, pink, wrinkled with not teeth. And if we're lucky, we die the same way. How long have I got?

Guest: Pete Star (2229 days ago)
Why the f*ck did you put this dumb hat on me?

Guest: wild will (2229 days ago)
Oh SHIT! I'm British?

Guest: Huw Thomas (2230 days ago)
I think? therefore I am!

Guest: JonnyB (2229 days ago)
I'll never affor a wendy house at this rate!

Guest: Bobbichik (2230 days ago)
Yeah, I get depressed watching Stoke City, too!

Guest: Malachai (2214 days ago)
Latest caption: Rush Limbaugh at home, watching President Obama's latest "State of the Union" address.....

Guest: andy (2230 days ago)
"thats the last im gonna see a vagina for 16 years!"

Guest: OctoBoob (2230 days ago)
Seven brothers and sisters and two nipples...

Guest: Oquaga751 (2230 days ago)
I'm gonna inherit HOW much debt?

Guest: Anfine (2230 days ago)
...and interrupting "Teletubbies" we have a government statement by the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Gordon Brown, MP.

Guest: guest lol (2230 days ago)
Jade Goody found a MASSIVE hat

Guest: LFC. (2228 days ago)
Guess what mini me is doing after Big Brother?

Guest: Beast (2230 days ago)
'Oh come on mum! How many baby pics of me do you need?!'
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Guest: James Antonio. (2230 days ago)
Some times?

Guest: (2227 days ago)
Benjamin Button wishes he didn't know what was coming

Guest: U2&JAH. (2230 days ago)
How can I tell her that this hat is just to heavy.

Guest: Pope John Paul (2229 days ago)
Babies are UGLY. There I said it!

Guest: (2221 days ago)
what thinks uop doc
Baby's first clap
Baby's first clap
Devoted cat protects baby from adult
Devoted cat protects baby from adult
Babies going through tunnels
Babies going through tunnels
Twins talk Double Dutch
Twins talk Double Dutch
My wife left me with our baby...
My wife left me with our baby...