When the heck is spring?
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When the heck is spring?

When the heck is spring?

I hate cartoons

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Guest: guest lol (2730 days ago)
Jade Goody found a MASSIVE hat
Guest: Nicksta (2726 days ago)
Damn they were right...life does suck!
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Guest: James Antonio. (2730 days ago)
I just hate waiting for BITTY.
Guest: U2&JAH. (2728 days ago)
Let me get this right. We're born small, bald, pink, wrinkled with not teeth. And if we're lucky, we die the same way. How long have I got?
Guest: wild will (2729 days ago)
Oh SHIT! I'm British?
Guest: JonnyB (2729 days ago)
I'll never affor a wendy house at this rate!
Guest: Bobbichik (2729 days ago)
Yeah, I get depressed watching Stoke City, too!
Guest: Huw Thomas (2730 days ago)
I think? therefore I am!
Guest: James Antonio. (2730 days ago)
Some times?
Guest: Malachai (2714 days ago)
Latest caption: Rush Limbaugh at home, watching President Obama's latest "State of the Union" address.....
Guest: Pete Star (2729 days ago)
Why the f*ck did you put this dumb hat on me?
Guest: zebhazted (2730 days ago)
The Cat in the Hat was not impressed when he woke up after the stag do party...
Guest: andy (2730 days ago)
"thats the last im gonna see a vagina for 16 years!"
Guest: Oquaga751 (2730 days ago)
I'm gonna inherit HOW much debt?
Guest: LFC. (2728 days ago)
Guess what mini me is doing after Big Brother?
Guest: Anfine (2729 days ago)
...and interrupting "Teletubbies" we have a government statement by the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Gordon Brown, MP.
Guest: OctoBoob (2730 days ago)
Seven brothers and sisters and two nipples...
Guest: U2&JAH. (2730 days ago)
How can I tell her that this hat is just to heavy.
Guest: Beast (2730 days ago)
'Oh come on mum! How many baby pics of me do you need?!'
Guest: (2727 days ago)
Benjamin Button wishes he didn't know what was coming
Guest: Pope John Paul (2729 days ago)
Babies are UGLY. There I said it!
Guest: (2721 days ago)
what thinks uop doc
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