Segway meeting
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Segway meeting

Segway meeting

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Guest: edwards (2098 days ago)
nope...not a single segway parking lot anywhere. Damn those x-men conventions...

Guest: (2104 days ago)
they're wheelchairs for people who can't sit down.

Guest: Mr MaGoo (2104 days ago)
Ok, that's two hours already ... any other ideas on how to reverse on these things?

Guest: Gibbo (2104 days ago)
When Big Tony said "make the getaway on two wheels with no number plates" you sure this is what he meant?

Guest: U2&JAH (2104 days ago)
What's this? we all can't be wheelmen.

Guest: nicky (2104 days ago)
who brought the twat in the helmet?

Guest: Orenofhowick (2104 days ago)
"I tell ya, over in Poremoremo (prison) they treated us with respect! This place the food's shite, the beds are shite- I'm applying for another transfer".

Guest: James Antonio (2104 days ago)
TopGear expences, are drasticly cut.

Guest: otherone (2104 days ago)
OK. Trust me. We can use these babies to get over that wall and away to freedom!

Guest: (2104 days ago)
Who's the geek wearing camo?

Guest: Paul Webster (2103 days ago)
NO! YOU turn left, NO YOU Turn right....err Segway Jam!

Guest: jm (2081 days ago)
Latest caption: How do you turn these damn things! Look out!

Guest: (2104 days ago)
you can't go to Jerusalem without visiting the wheeling wall
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