Star Trek dog
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Star Trek dog

Star Trek dog

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Guest: (3097 days ago)
it rides up in the crotch
Vote up (107)down (59)
Guest: snoop (3097 days ago)
Now can I have my dinner?
Vote up (101)down (74)
Guest: Ron (3097 days ago)
I'll get you for this, you Dateless Wonder!
Vote up (101)down (72)
Guest: U2&JAH (3097 days ago)
I need to take a leak.
Vote up (101)down (72)
Guest: (3087 days ago)
I'm a spaceship! I can fly! See ya, dateless wonder, i'm off to jump off the roof.
Vote up (101)down (75)
Guest: Karel (3086 days ago)
The captain's dog
Vote up (101)down (64)
Guest: James Antonio (3097 days ago)
Live long and prosper.
Vote up (101)down (81)
Guest: (3093 days ago)
Gee, I wonder what the exhaust trail smells like!
Vote up (101)down (88)
Guest: (3094 days ago)
star treks version of doctor who's k-9
Vote up (92)down (101)
Guest: JJLittle (3096 days ago)
Beam me up Scotty
Vote up (94)down (101)
Guest: jm (3085 days ago)
Latest caption: I believe you said something about bones if I did this?
Vote up (91)down (101)
Guest: Rikus (3093 days ago)
Fools! This design has failed! It has attracted more Klingons in the tail section!
Vote up (89)down (101)
Guest: BingBong (3096 days ago)
Beam me up, Scruffy!
Vote up (93)down (101)
Guest: (3096 days ago)
Dogtor McCoy?
Vote up (80)down (101)
Guest: nebs (3096 days ago)
Woof speed captain
Vote up (77)down (101)
Guest: mike scarpets (3096 days ago)
does my bum look big in this
Vote up (83)down (101)
Guest: (3096 days ago)
I'm gonna leave a 'photon torpedo' in your slippers for this!!
Vote up (65)down (101)
Guest: ccfc (3097 days ago)
i wish blue peter would stop making things
Vote up (83)down (101)
Guest: J R. (3097 days ago)
My tail pipe seems too big
Vote up (52)down (113)
Guest: Me! (3096 days ago)
right, time for a Captains log!
Vote up (77)down (742)
First Martian is already born
First Martian is already born
Confused caged cat
Confused caged cat
Park in peace
Park in peace
Please help, I'm in deep sheep!
Please help, I'm in deep sheep!
North Korean ICBM, Inter-City Bicycle Missile
North Korean ICBM, Inter-City Bicycle Missile