Hot Boy, up and coming gangster
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Hot Boy, up and coming gangster

Hot Boy, up and coming gangster

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Guest: (3054 days ago)
Due to his donkey teeth, baby face, haircut & big ears; he needed props to make himself look 'hard'.
Guest: hit_man_uk (3053 days ago)
JAGUAR!!!! are you man enough to drink it?
Guest: Humpty (3054 days ago)
Seen here 2 years before he came out, Barry attempts to look manly by posing next to beer cans and brandishing a weak air pistol. Even then this attempt was clearly foiled by his doe-eyed "take me" expression and a "hot boy" T-shirt.
Guest: syman (3053 days ago)
when my balls drop i will start wancing as well!!!
Guest: nebs (3054 days ago)
Jaguar beer. For real men.
Guest: truth (3054 days ago)
what a dick
Guest: badman69 (3054 days ago)
This is dumbest one yet... Has anyone seen my pride...
Guest: bugsy (3053 days ago)
Circled on calendar 14th "visit dentist to have braces fitted"
Guest: fallion (3053 days ago)
"seriously if you make me pose like this again........." "you'll what ?!?!" "i'll cry !!"
Guest: James Antonio. (3054 days ago)
Youth opens corner shop in his mums kitchen and sends out a warning to would be robbers.
Guest: Elmo (3053 days ago)
Hi, my name is hotboy, and I'm looking for a big butch man to come and spank me hard...if this is you please pm me. *smooch*
Guest: BAT-FINK DOG (3054 days ago)
least the dog looks up to him! RESPECT BITCH. (now gimmi the dog food you gimp)
Guest: Humpty (3054 days ago)
Daddy's beer + Daddy's smokes + sister's air-pistol + mum's hairstyling = Gangster Fail.
Guest: U2&JAH (3054 days ago)
Mess with me and I'll bust a can in your ass.
Guest: Aaron (3014 days ago)
Latest caption: shit its hard to recruit for the cripts now its come down to white people!
Guest: bob (3054 days ago)
Mmm. Nice flowery gangster curtains in his bedroom
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