Meat for sale
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Meat for sale

Meat for sale

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Guest: Ronald Tse (1862 days ago)
He loves to beat the meat

Guest: george Christofi (1862 days ago)
The guy parked to my right gave me he finger... so i cut it off and i couldnt help myself

Guest: Vladimir Bootcher (1862 days ago)
Sarry vot??? I No Undershtaand, Vart ees 'heallth inshpectorr' noo vait I get it eees a hokayyy von....tvo....tray..- ...ant....chatch!!!

Guest: James Antonio. (1862 days ago)
Pleased to meat you.

Guest: diddly (1862 days ago)
Patients unfortunately went to Dr PurpleDog for treatment

Guest: ianefc2 (1862 days ago)
Ambulance 03 went missing for some time every Thursday.....

Guest: lfc (1862 days ago)
Meating place.

Guest: nebs (1862 days ago)
White van cuts up man on by-pass

Guest: Cal (1860 days ago)
Russian Winter Massacre Revolution reinactment goes too far

Guest: Hanibul hector (1862 days ago)
Guess what happened to the last guy who took my parking spot.

Guest: Karel (1863 days ago)
I thought you said meet in the park

Guest: vegan for life (1862 days ago)
Vladimir was told he was going to driver a meat wagon, he thought it was with the corenor, but this is ridiculous

Guest: U2&JAH (1862 days ago)
He's steaked his claim for this parking place.

Guest: flying seacat (1859 days ago)
Latest caption: ukraine's cannabolism united board launch their first public day

Guest: Elmo (1861 days ago)
Stan Trolley's Russian tour did not go down well with the locals...

Guest: ? (1861 days ago)
in russia no one ask question.
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