Another World Cup match
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Another World Cup matchAnother World Cup match

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Guest: James Antonio. (1647 days ago)
I.R.A. bombed Manchester who deserved it.

Guest: pizano (1647 days ago)
Team ruled ineligible by the FIFA due to gravity assist.

Guest: Mr_Biff (1647 days ago)
In space no one can hear you vuvuzela

Guest: James Antonio. (1647 days ago)
Use the space on the wings.

Guest: Roy (1647 days ago)
of course I meant "Beckham" - speeling and typing are nit my string ponts

Guest: big ron (1647 days ago)
Another satelite football match

Guest: ref (1647 days ago)
Euston, we have a penilty.

Guest:  (1647 days ago)
Rob Green still wouldn't catch it.

Guest: tsegermanzfotsewin! (1647 days ago)
'one good shot for man united'... hahahaaa.... so great! :D

Guest:  (1647 days ago)

Guest: U2&JAH (1647 days ago)
I'm over the moon.

Guest: lfc (1647 days ago)
Over here Sun, on the head.

Guest: bones (1645 days ago)
Latest caption: It' soccer Jim, but not as we know it.

Guest: Roy (1647 days ago)
Bound to go over the bar if it's Beckahom in the foreground - another penalty shootout that England won't win...

Guest: tricky (1647 days ago)
One good shot for mankind But one good shot for man united

Guest:  (1647 days ago)
bet he skys it
Zap United  (opens in new window)
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