UFO spotted on the beach!
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UFO spotted on the beach!UFO spotted on the beach!

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Guest: pizano (1304 days ago)
"I tell ya, bub, before my eating disorder I used to be an eel, but look at me now..."

Guest:  (1303 days ago)
What's the difference between him and the fish? One has sticky out eyes and smells. The other is a fish.

Guest: Beards are vile (1304 days ago)
Let's hope when that Beared Buffoon dies then there will be lots of other bearded buffoons wanting to have their photos taken as well....

London1 London1 (1304 days ago)
Sanjay still thought he'd found the perfect skimmer.

Guest: Mooky (1304 days ago)
it's a friggin' sunfish you numpty..

Guest: James Antonio.... (1304 days ago)
I Think we're going to need a bigger frying pan?

Guest: U2&JAH (1304 days ago)
It's good to go out in the sun.

Guest:  (1304 days ago)
I want to call him a pointless mong, but I feel my words would be wasted.

Guest: me n him (1301 days ago)
Latest caption: this new relationship was awash !!
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