Appeasing gravity
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Appeasing gravityAppeasing gravity

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magoo1122 magoo1122 (949 days ago)
Latest caption: There some sandy cupcake holders

Guest: Tommy Dickfingers (1021 days ago)
from the movie "Top Secret" Where's my prize

Guest: lfc (1021 days ago)
She's made an impression on me.

Guest: U2&JAH (1021 days ago)
inverted sand castles.

Guest: James Antonio.... (1021 days ago)
Where's the towel gone?

Guest: pizano (1021 days ago)
Never thought I'd wish to be a couple of holes in the sand...

cocapee cocapee (1021 days ago)
pathetic lads,is that yer best..diss,piss more like

cocapee cocapee (1021 days ago)
me love,love bumps
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