London Transport's tribute to the Olympics
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London Transport's tribute to the Olympics

London Transport's tribute to the Olympics

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Guest: pizano (1761 days ago)
Stonehenge after urban developers get done with it.
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Guest: James Antonio.... (1761 days ago)
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TheBob TheBob (1761 days ago)
and oddly it doesn't matter which way round you go: as long as you go clockwise round each small roundabout, you can circumnavigate the big one in either direction. (Not very funny, I know - but we seem to be skipping the comedy captions on this occasion)
slicksps slicksps (1761 days ago)
I took my first driving lessons in Hemel Hempstead where the magic roundabout was similar but with 6 minis and without the helpful arrows. Good fun at first but surprisingly it really does work to keep traffic moving! This image doesn't phase me, it's pretty straightforward if you approach each roundabout as a separate entity.
Guest: Biggest Prat (1761 days ago)
They should have one in Dover - that should sort out our immigration problem!
Guest: U2&JAH (1761 days ago)
Lost in transit.
slicksps slicksps (1761 days ago)
...This one is also in Swindon, not London...
Guest: pablo W (1761 days ago)
LRT haven't got a frickin clue! After my oyster card top up fiasco at the weekend, and Mister "I don't care what proof you have to fill in the forms AGAIN, and in pen, never mind that interweb thingy speeding things up...oooh bloody 'ell, that would do me right out of a job!" .....Customer service 1974...... When it comes to the Olympics, if they keep it up like they usually do, the whole transport situation will be an absolute nightmare and The UK will be a laughing stock.....ALL due to LRT
Guest: Tiny Tim (1760 days ago)
Latest caption: Looks like a small version of the one on the A13 near Thundersley in Essex. Take a look.
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Let sleeping dogs lie
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