Here's your problem, the number plate's a bit loose
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Here's your problem, the number plate's a bit looseHere's your problem, the number plate's a bit loose

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Guest: Roger D (951 days ago)
Latest caption: But officer, you said to pull it over.

Guest: pizano (968 days ago)
Not a pretty sight when airplanes attempt to mate with cars.

Guest: James Antonio.... (968 days ago)

Guest: Grimwood (965 days ago)
Who said pigs can't fly

Guest: Guest (968 days ago)
Toastie bacon

Guest: U2JAH (968 days ago)
This car cost us a bomb.

Guest: J.R. (968 days ago)
Aircraft carrier

Guest: Chef from South Park (968 days ago)
Now I know how all those white women must have felt!

magoo1122 magoo1122 (963 days ago)
oh ok i see whats wrong

Guest: iceman (968 days ago)
where's the Dipstick who parked this here?

Guest: lfc (968 days ago)
Its a Skyline.

Guest: Joseph King (968 days ago)
The Police Cimmisioner had asked for all new cars to have plain tops.

Samsgimp Samsgimp (967 days ago)
Russian cops fail at stealth tech integration

Guest: DEANO (968 days ago)
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