Here's your problem, the number plate's a bit loose
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Here's your problem, the number plate's a bit looseHere's your problem, the number plate's a bit loose

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Guest: Roger D (1049 days ago)
Latest caption: But officer, you said to pull it over.

Guest: Grimwood (1063 days ago)
Who said pigs can't fly

Guest: pizano (1066 days ago)
Not a pretty sight when airplanes attempt to mate with cars.

Guest: James Antonio.... (1066 days ago)

Guest: J.R. (1066 days ago)
Aircraft carrier

Guest: Guest (1066 days ago)
Toastie bacon

Guest: Chef from South Park (1065 days ago)
Now I know how all those white women must have felt!

Guest: U2JAH (1066 days ago)
This car cost us a bomb.

Guest: iceman (1066 days ago)
where's the Dipstick who parked this here?

magoo1122 magoo1122 (1061 days ago)
oh ok i see whats wrong

Guest: Joseph King (1066 days ago)
The Police Cimmisioner had asked for all new cars to have plain tops.

Guest: lfc (1066 days ago)
Its a Skyline.

Guest: DEANO (1066 days ago)

Samsgimp Samsgimp (1065 days ago)
Russian cops fail at stealth tech integration
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