Freedom's new weapon, the methane missile
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Freedom's new weapon, the methane missileFreedom's new weapon, the methane missile

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magoo1122 magoo1122 (1000 days ago)
fruit of the looms new surface to air rocket launcher

Guest: U2JAH (1003 days ago)
Fire in the hole.

Guest: James Antionio.... (1003 days ago)
Meteor hits the moon.

Guest: J.R. (1003 days ago)
I don't remember eating that

Guest: Anti Theist (1003 days ago)
stupid frickin 'merkans.....AGAIN!

Guest: pizano (1003 days ago)
The aftermath of a 'Five Alarm Chili' binge.

Guest: deano (1002 days ago)
Thunder pants

Guest: LondonBoy (998 days ago)
Latest caption: . . . and if I tell a word of lie, may God strike me down - DAMN!
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