Barbie's revenge
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Barbie's revengeBarbie's revenge

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magoo1122 magoo1122 (787 days ago)
Latest caption: damn , barbie is a man hating bitch

LogicIsPower LogicIsPower (790 days ago)
Stepford Barbie, new from Mattel. Sold only in America.

Guest: James Antonio.... (791 days ago)
She found out Ken was bio.

Guest: this is SPARTA (788 days ago)
"What did you say Anderson Cooper"?

Guest: U2JAH (791 days ago)
kill Bill and Ken.

Guest:  secret (788 days ago)
man meet

Guest: deangaga (791 days ago)
Katie Price, got fed up with divorce's.

Guest: Al87 (791 days ago)
Mattel's Breivik Barbie commercial failure

Guest: Make me a sammich (791 days ago)
at least she's in the kitchen.

pizano pizano (791 days ago)
Kids, "Serial Killer Barbie" playset comes with everything you see here!
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