Mother of the year
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Mother of the year

Mother of the year

Baby in tow

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Guest: Joel H. (4341 days ago)
I don't care what you do to Mommy, as long as you don't suck all the milk out of her!
Vote up (115)down (97)
Guest: craig (4199 days ago)
sex education begins eairlier and earlier
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: Glen L. (3886 days ago)
Daddy always liked to take the baby sitter home.
Vote up (106)down (76)
Guest: aketarak (4289 days ago)
We'll get ice cream just as soon as mommy gets paid...
Vote up (169)down (74)
Guest: shoot (4250 days ago)
its true, kids will do anything for dairylea
Vote up (140)down (78)
Guest: (3960 days ago)
strange airbag
Vote up (99)down (101)
Guest: Pat Lindsay (3886 days ago)
What happened to a simple birds and bees explanation.
Vote up (101)down (72)
Guest: cat shneeze (3886 days ago)
Daddy can I play with the horn now?
Vote up (101)down (94)
Guest: danny the rat (3886 days ago)
it was awkward trying to take a dump in the passenger footwell
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: jeff r (3886 days ago)
what's the number for childline again?
Vote up (111)down (75)
Guest: pitty (3886 days ago)
the authorities were concerned with the age that pimps were starting their trade these days
Vote up (102)down (76)
Guest: TEDS (3969 days ago)
Despite Daddy's cries of "Ride me!!!!" Thomas started to suspect that he wasn't going to Alton Towers after all.
Vote up (101)down (76)
Guest: jw (4289 days ago)
Next time, we should have second thoughts about swapping seats inside the car!
Vote up (126)down (79)
Guest: colvill10 (4327 days ago)
And the mum of the year goes to...
Vote up (123)down (74)
Guest: Si266 (4317 days ago)
Mummy & Daddy never realised Junior was about to release the handbrake!
Vote up (106)down (73)
Guest: ummagumma (4335 days ago)
Will you two be quiet you'll wake the twins
Vote up (101)down (77)
Guest: spark (4229 days ago)
sex education by demonstration
Vote up (141)down (85)
Guest: mark boyle (4334 days ago)
all work and no play makes kidnapping a boring job!
Vote up (114)down (71)
Guest: Joel H. (4232 days ago)
After the impact Joe remembered where he hid his inflatable love doll.
Vote up (101)down (92)
Guest: Oppo (4327 days ago)
(*Yawn* Every day the same hobbling!) These two dogs over there at least do it without all that moaning and grunting...
Vote up (107)down (67)
Guest: GDOG (4326 days ago)
are you sure this is part of the test!!
Vote up (101)down (84)
Guest: Sparky (4329 days ago)
"I left my popcorn Dad"
Vote up (113)down (67)
Guest: Vo0Ds (4328 days ago)
The creche facilities in the red-light district left alot to be desired
Vote up (103)down (93)
Guest: Paul S (3886 days ago)
"dad, you said you were going to check the airbags" "i am son"
Vote up (86)down (105)
Guest: jake boi (4337 days ago)
why is daddy parking the car in that womans garage??????
Vote up (106)down (77)
Guest: rogofrog (3972 days ago)
take your time mu mthere is no rush and you dont need to hide ive seen you do this at home with the dog!
Vote up (105)down (70)
Guest: matt (4337 days ago)
I don't see any massive balloons dad.
Vote up (98)down (101)
Guest: paul morrissey (4333 days ago)
some man is taking a picture of u sh*ting on the seat again mam
Vote up (101)down (98)
Guest: Ady (4333 days ago)
Ok times up.....MY TURN!
Vote up (101)down (80)
Guest: twisted buddha (4306 days ago)
what the kid didnt realise was that he was a red-neck and he was guna get da's sloppy seconds next
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