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City in a sandstorm
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City in a sandstorm

City in a sandstorm

Concrete jungle turns to dust

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Guest: Will (4147 days ago)
With smoking banned from all public buildings, the consequences were inevitable.
Vote up (120)down (95)
Guest: Sonier (4067 days ago)
The aftermath of the legalization of Marijuana
Vote up (97)down (101)
Guest: hehe (4236 days ago)
hmm i cudda swore there was other buildings here a minute ago
Vote up (118)down (107)
Guest: Joel H. (4195 days ago)
The new "Mile-High Club Cafe" has become a huge hit with people afraid to fly.
Vote up (103)down (93)
Guest: dov mclaren (4236 days ago)
thhel never b able to c the suicide bombers cumin
Vote up (116)down (94)
Guest: Ben Szreter (4217 days ago)
Y america needs to stop growing fat and farting!!!
Vote up (138)down (91)
Guest: King of Schwing (4236 days ago)
The aftermath of the legalisation of Marijuana
Vote up (101)down (100)
Guest: demon (4239 days ago)
with a good seaside view
Vote up (120)down (98)
Guest: Andrew (4242 days ago)
What would happen if Marijuana was legalized.
Vote up (110)down (93)
Guest: Matthew Ahluwalia (3981 days ago)
"I think it might be high enough now."
Vote up (154)down (99)
Guest: michael booker (4236 days ago)
Alrite, who over done the bacon?
Vote up (102)down (87)
Guest: the other one (4236 days ago)
god let one rip!
Vote up (99)down (101)
Guest: Coco-nuts (4239 days ago)
This was voted in the top 3 sky scrapers for king kong but even the giant gorilla took one look and said F*** that!
Vote up (113)down (87)
Guest: kristin (4244 days ago)
i said not to put the smoking section down stairs now look
Vote up (114)down (83)
Guest: (4244 days ago)
I told you buddy that is the amount of gas that is produced by the people in the city than it is really going to stink.
Vote up (106)down (83)
Guest: Paulinho (4225 days ago)
Size matters!
Vote up (101)down (90)
Guest: Mr Heckles (4209 days ago)
Vote up (111)down (96)
Guest: john (4238 days ago)
did you turn the oven off?
Vote up (109)down (96)
Guest: Gonad (4234 days ago)
The new "Cloud" deveopment in Dubai
Vote up (111)down (93)
Guest: Lee Hesh (4239 days ago)
Speaking in Washington George W Bush was unable to dispel the myth that he was just full of hot air.
Vote up (115)down (98)
Guest: (4240 days ago)
So... you were wondering what was gonna happen after marijuana was legalized.
Vote up (123)down (96)
Guest: he he (4129 days ago)
"is that heaven?nope just america
Vote up (111)down (104)
Guest: i need a joint (4251 days ago)
Badger my eye, its proberbly Millhouse!
Vote up (109)down (92)
Guest: Angel (4246 days ago)
Where did I park my car again?
Vote up (99)down (101)
Guest: (3561 days ago)
Ever been told to take your head out of the clouds? Now you can! Act fast, this real estate won't last past this morning!
Vote up (101)down (99)
Guest: hank (4254 days ago)
Mars explorer to Earth- signs of life detected
Guest: Rabw (4236 days ago)
Because we can.
Vote up (110)down (95)
Guest: Richie B (4242 days ago)
Man on the top floor says "The Weathermen never get it right. They said today would be overcast!!"
Vote up (111)down (97)
Guest: Craig Hunter Fleming (4239 days ago)
I cant see!!
Vote up (103)down (95)
Guest: Cale (4241 days ago)
"Today on The Life Styles of The Rich And Famous 2045, those that live above the smog."
Vote up (106)down (91)
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