Interview between Bush and Ali G which has been banned from the screens, as soon as Bush's officials worked out what was going on, they confiscated the video tapes, fortunately they didn't confiscate the audio tapes.

Ali G: West sidee, I is here wiv none other than my main man George Bush. Bush is the prime minista of the USA Is ya wicked George?

Bush: I must correct you there Ali, I am actually President of the United States of America.

Ali G: ay, but dis is bein filmed fa da british people, and 'prime minista' in english whun translated into american means 'leader'.

Bush: I wasn't aware of that, anyway, I'm very well thankyou

Ali G: Wicked, but dat is not wot me crew told me... word on da street is dat yous were havin aggro wiv ya old geeza.

Bush: (looks bemused) Well, my father and I are getting on fine.

Ali G: I's heard dat nelson mandela phoned your old geeza, and told im dat yous ave been threatenin people

Bush: (puts his hand on his chin, pauses and then answers) I am not going to confirm or deny those reports about Mr Mandela and my father, I will only answer questions on the agreed topic of this interview, which is the disarmament and reconstruction of Iraq.

Ali G: yous ave to keep in mind dat nelson is from a turf wiv killions of racalist problems, dat is why he isn't chilled about ya attakin Iraq, coz is belief is dat paki bashin is racialist.

Bush: I can assure you Ali, this war has nothing to do with racism.

Ali G: yous say it's not a racialist war, but many people think da war is about religion, as it is well known dat Bin Laddam Ussain is a Protestant fundamentalist?

Bush: this is not a war on religion, it's a war on terror. Excuse me, which Protestants are you talking about, are the people of North Korea Protestants?

Ali G: da Protestants is da ones who flew planes into da skyscrapers, to protest against USA stealin their oil.

Bush: ahhh... 'Protestant' must have a different meaning on the Britain, next time I suggest we use a translator Ali.

Ali G: Here's da question i put to yous mr prime minista: is yous pro-life or pro-death?

Bush: Pro-life, my pro-life position is I believe there's life. It's not necessarily based in religion. I think there's a life there, therefore the notion of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Ali G: so theorecitally, if there was a mini-me of Bin Laddam Ussain and we squeezed im inside me julie's flange, would yous recommend dat she did ave an abortion?

Bush: Ali, I'm not going to justify that question by giving it an answer We're not here to discuss abortion, let's get back to the disarmament and reconstruction of Iraq.

Ali G: Ay, fa those of yous out there who don't know da story, there is dis geeza called Bin Laddam Ussain who lives in da gulf, and he was one of da geezers who flew a plane into da sky scrapers, coz he thought USA were goin to take is oil and dat he could stop them by doin dat, but USA wasn't goin to take is oil, but now, to get im back, USA will take is oil, to teach im a lesson

Bush: I need to clarify, are you talking about Bin Laden or Saddam?

Ali G: Sudan is a turf wiv starvin bruvers in, we're not bangin about Sudan, we're bangin about Bin Laden and Iraq.

Bush: (after looking lost for 10 seconds) The war on terror involves Saddam Hussein because of the nature of Saddam Hussein, the history of Saddam Hussein, and his willingness to terrorize himself.

Ali G: me mate dave used to terrorise imself too, dat makes im part of da japsyse of evil I won't tell youss about dat in case youss go afta im next he ain't protestant though.

Bush's Official: only time for one more question Ali, the President has a busy schedule today.

Ali G: Ay, well, if yous really want to prove yous is betta than your old geeza, dis is hows to get im real impressed, yous need to capture da norf korean leada.

Bush: Kim Jong Il.

Ali G: ahaha... Kim is a bitches name, I get it, yous dig to get a new bitch... bitche's are easy to get I used to ave a crush on Kim Wild, ehe Whun yous capture Kim she will be so impressed dat she will get jiggy wiv yous, does she looks like Kim Wilde?

Bush: (now laughing uncontrollably) Well... I... I...

Ali G: I recommend yous finish off da Bin Laddam Ussain business real quickest, and thun you can bone Kinky Korean Kim, coz I think yous need some riding of the punanni.

Bush: (laughing and getting up from his chair).

Ali G: me crew told me yous ave been offerin some people from da country of Un a share of Bin's oil whun yous get it, and so dey said dey will elp yous ruk im.

Bush's Offical: Mr President has to end the interview here Mr G.

Ali G: Thank you to my main man George Bush. Respect. This has been a well educationalist chat on the well important issues of Bush's Prime Ministry. BOYAKASHA

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Ali G talks to George Bush

Ali G talks to George Bush

Banned interview with the prime minista of the USA

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