Handle with care
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Handle with care

Handle with care

You could lose your head

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Guest: Keith, Plymouth. (4156 days ago)
Norris didn't quite get the hang of Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre.
Guest: DLEED (4159 days ago)
Guest: Joel H. (4158 days ago)
The guy who took the picture has weird legs... one is much fatter than the other. weird. (reflection)
Guest: t o (4181 days ago)
its like the 60's radio
Guest: Paul MJR (4160 days ago)
Really vain people carry full length mirrors with them all the time.
Guest: steve o (4161 days ago)
i dont remember that bump being there.
Guest: sachsenschlaeger (4162 days ago)
Job Sharing
Guest: townie55 (4183 days ago)
As time passed, the Elephant man became ingenious with his disguises.
Guest: Embryo69 (4166 days ago)
He was head-hunted for that job
Guest: PMJR (4160 days ago)
In the 40's, walls had yet to be invented, so mirrors had to be carried everywhere.
Guest: David (4182 days ago)
Honey if you wanted earings for christmas you should have just asked
Guest: sergio (3896 days ago)
Michael Jackson releases his new video for Man in the Mirror
Guest: part-time funny man (4156 days ago)
Don't drop that mirror mate!! Your face is bad enough without another seven years bad luck!
Guest: Uni student (4175 days ago)
"I Can Make MY Head Dissappear," David Blaine's newest stunt, except this time he decided to make it less dramatic
Guest: fThrud (4016 days ago)
While Furd missed his Siamese twin, he couldn't help but feel he'd gotten the short end of the deal.
Guest: Tiny (4082 days ago)
Geoff was just reflecting on his work when he realised he didn't have the head for it anymore
Guest: Caroline (4166 days ago)
You should see how much coke my dealers got me this time.
Guest: tc (3951 days ago)
Guest: (4119 days ago)
''No-one will recognise me with this sneaky black suit on''
Guest: jessbc (4090 days ago)
Have you seen my horse? TAXI
Guest: phil (4157 days ago)
thats not the way to get ahed in life
Guest: dotty (4159 days ago)
Guest: Dan (4159 days ago)
I've got a pane in my neck!
Guest: deb (4160 days ago)
"Must send signal home to Mars. Must send signal home."
Guest: Phantom (4169 days ago)
Can you see me now?
Guest: bobo (4181 days ago)
To pay for a new head, the headless horseman took out new part-time jobs
Guest: LekLan (4167 days ago)
Mirror, mirror on my head.......
Guest: Joey (4177 days ago)
Geoffs mind was a blank canvas
Guest: ashley .s (4181 days ago)
one day george was walkin along to his carand lost his head coz some idiot took his windscreen
Guest: Shiladitya Sinha (4070 days ago)
the truth lies below the neck
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