Fourth place
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Fourth place

Fourth place

It's not about winning... yeah!

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Guest: Nikolai Zherkezhi (3801 days ago)
In the coming years life would eventually get better for David Beckham
Guest: baumskifilks (3801 days ago)
"They say it's not the winning.... Bollocks!"
Guest: rosie (3801 days ago)
i dont care wot me mam says im not doin it next year! its not the winning that counts she says , it bloody well is.........
Guest: williehgn (3801 days ago)
"there only were four of us!!!!!!!"
Guest: Nikolai Zherkezhi (3999 days ago)
"I cant believe I was beaten by a boy with no head!"
Guest: Zack (3801 days ago)
This year the Oscars really took a turn for the worse, giving Macaulay Culkin the lifetime achievement award
Guest: shiney (3801 days ago)
Beaten by 3 girls "my Dad says, i'd enjoy that later in life" !!
Guest: Sam.s (3801 days ago)
if it goes on like this im going emo :(
Guest: [KWB yusss] (3801 days ago)
lil johnny wasn't so upset at coming 4th...but he thought it was a little unfair that the guy who had kwashiokor got ahead of him....
Guest: jd (4013 days ago)
if only i had run the right way around the track
Guest: (4041 days ago)
Trophy and a Aston Martin not enough for fourth placed athlete
Guest: Tassiekay (3801 days ago)
If I car'nt win I'm not playing, I always get my own way at home,I want my mummy.
Guest: Recoba'snewshirt (3853 days ago)
Fourth best.
Guest: Joel H. (3801 days ago)
I don't know why he's crying, If I could figure out how to take a number 4 and get a trophy for it, I'd be happy. What is a number 4? Diahrea with corn?
Guest: Valerie (3801 days ago)
I hate having to take a number to use the bathroom.
Guest: Chris Oakes (3801 days ago)
Timmy looked disgusted at coming 4th in this years X factor contest, after Simon Cowell called him a 'whining little bastard!'
Guest: williehgn (3801 days ago)
"there were only four of us!!!!!"
Guest: Faye S (3801 days ago)
Yeh, Caption Police, I think we're over that now. So get over it.
Guest: comoox (3801 days ago)
Jimmy was very dissapointed to come 4th in the statue making competion and couldn't help thinking that everyone else's looked exactly the same as his!
Guest: SmushIt (3801 days ago)
Little Johnny was denounced to Fourth place after violating the standard 5th grader wrestling rules. DONT DO DRUGS!
Guest: sue (3773 days ago)
Ive just shit my pants
Guest: nb57 (3801 days ago)
man!! my piles really do hurt my ring, it dnt help sitting on this box either.
Guest: cam (3801 days ago)
its not fair, i would have won if me mam had got me the addidas trainers i wanted, instead of these she got from a car boot for a pound.
Guest: Tiggertronix (3801 days ago)
What the f**k do I do now? It's either skip showers and run home or face up to my stupid willie boast!
Guest: james (3801 days ago)
i feel so sorry for number 1 he only has legs n the twat still beat me
Guest: bendandi (3801 days ago)
fourth place isn't even high enough to jump from..
Guest: J13 (3801 days ago)
That's what you get for being a cu*t!
Guest: Chris Oakes (3801 days ago)
I could of thrown the javelin further but i super glued my hand to my chin!
Guest: skillmagil (3801 days ago)
If this competion was for crying, I'd have won!
Guest: Dixie F (3801 days ago)
Run? Heck, Do I look like Forest Gump?
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