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92%VideoNov 2017

Nikon - Best videos through a microscope

(1:36) An octopus egg hatching, a glistening fingerprint, and fungus attacking a mosquito - the best microscopic videos of the year.

86%VideoNov 2017

Sixty Symbols - Problems with high school physics

(8:43) Too difficult? No, it's the way it is. Scientists from Nottingham University on concerns about how physics is taught at school.

88%VideoNov 2017

Will asteroid mining produce the world's first trillionaire?

(8:24) The world's first trillionaire is alive today, and they could make their fortune from asteroid mining.

88%VideoNov 2017

Bill Gates: The best teacher I never had

(2:36) Bill Gates' tribute to Richard Feynman, a phenomenal explainer, scientist, and all-around colourful guy.

87%VideoNov 2017

Hyperloop projects in the making

(5:05) Hyperloop projects around the world are begining to make traction.

86%VideoNov 2017

How to tell if you're sleep deprived

(2:02)Are you getting enough sleep, even if you feel like you are?

88%VideoNov 2017

When Elon Musk envisaged Hyperloop in 2012

(3:15) Elon Musk comes up with a 5th form of public transportation that he calls 'Hyperloop'


94%VideoNov 2017

Homemade science with Bruce Yeany - Marble tracks

(7:10) Science teacher Bruce Yeany demonstrates some motion physics with a set of marble tacks.

87%AnimationNov 2017

Voith Hydro wave power

(2:43) Simple coastal wave power station developed by Voith Hydro.

94%VideoNov 2017

Vsauce - Which way is down?

(26:10) In space, there is no down.