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87%VideoSep 2017

16 incredible facts science proved wrong

(10:06) There are some facts so often repeated you just assume they are scientific truth.

87%AnimationSep 2017

Space is about to get a whole lot cheaper

(3:39) Spearheaded by SpaceX, the economics of getting to space are about to undergo a massive change.

88%VideoSep 2017

Cassini finally burns up in Saturn's atmosphere

(4:54) NASA's Cassini spacecraft plunges into Saturn incinerating itself after 20 years in space.

87%VideoSep 2017

Panasonic's self-driving fridge

(1:42) Perfect product for the super lazy.


88%VideoSep 2017

How not to land an orbital rocket booster

(2:08) Trials and tribulations at SpaceX.

94%VideoSep 2017

Why did water disappear from shorelines during Hurricane Irma?

(1:44) Hurricane Irma was so strong that it literally pushed water out of its way.

87%VideoSep 2017

Apple unveils iPhone X, its most expensive yet

(3:13) At a mere $999, the iPhone X is Apple's most expensive smartphone to date. So what does it offer to justify its eye-watering price tag?


87%VideoSep 2017

Before Apple, Steve Jobs was at Atari

(12:40) History of Steve Job when he worked at Atari changing the world with Apple.

87%AnimationSep 2017

Hurricane size comparison

(1:48) The strongest hurricanes in terms of wind speeds, are not always the biggest in terms of the area they cover.


93%VideoSep 2017

What is a storm surge?

(4:00) A storm surge can start before the hurricane even makes landfall, and it's often the deadliest part.