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87%VideoJan 2018

Kimbal Musk's farm of the future

(7:48) Elon Musk's younger brother Kimbal Musk is converting shipping containers into indoor farms to produce fresh fruits and vegetables in cities.


86%VideoJan 2018

Real-time green-screen compositing demo



86%VideoJan 2018

How to calmly disarm a land mine

(3:56) Former conscripted child soldier in Cambodia, Aki Ra now spends his time disarming land mines.

88%VideoJan 2018

Rocket science class by Elon Musk

(7:52) Elon Musk explains the science behind landing a rocket back on Earth.

87%VideoJan 2018

Joe Rogan and Sean Carroll - Is there a purpose to our existence?

(3:35) Why do we exist?

86%VideoJan 2018

Self-driving robot challenges Valentino Rossi

(2:03) Yamaha's autonomous Motobot racing bike sets its sight on MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi.


87%VideoJan 2018

Robot meets autonomous car

(3:57) Sophia by Hanson Robotics goes for a drive with Jack, a self-driving car by Audi.

87%VideoJan 2018

What does Zuma do?

(7:01) The mystery of the Zuma mission deepens. Lei proposes a theory as to what happened.

87%VideoJan 2018

SpaceX's Zuma situation is getting weirder

(6:29) Did Zuma really fail?


87%VideoJan 2018

SpaceX's mysterious Zuma mission, what happened?

(6:48) SpaceX's first launch in 2018 was to deliver a top-secret military satellite called Zuma into low-Earth orbit. But something went wrong.