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87%VideoMay 2018

A brief history of how plastic has changed our world

(5:37) How did our culture become so plastic?

87%VideoMay 2018

Elon's model mum: Maye Musk


86%VideoMay 2018

Bloomberg - Elon Musk floats idea of publicly rated "truth" site

(2:18) Bloomberg panel discuss comments by Elon Musk on the "holier than thou" hypocrisy of big media companies.

88%VideoMay 2018

The National Interview - Stephen Fry

(11:34) The world according to Stephen Fry.


86%VideoMay 2018

Alibaba's "new retail"

(5:17) On or offline - these cannot be the only options for consumers.

88%VideoMay 2018

Francesca Stavrakopoulou: Bible written by men with Daddy issues

(13:32) British atheist theologian Francesca Stavrakopoulou discusses the truth behind the Bible.

94%VideoMay 2018

Noam Chomsky on Cambridge Analytica almost a year before the scandal


88%VideoMay 2018

Jeff Bezos shares his insight on stress



86%VideoMay 2018

Elon Musk plans "news credibility" website

(1:17) After recent news reports about Tesla that Elon Musk felt were unfair, he went on an extended Twitter rant against the mainstream media.


87%VideoMay 2018

Samantha Bee - Yemen, America's best kept secret

(5:48) What's going on in Yemen? Samantha Bee gets Senator Chris Murphy to explain.