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87%AnimationOct 2017

Soft tissue found inside dinosaur bone

(8:08) How science works. In 2003, an exceptionally well preserved T-Rex leg bone was unearthed in Cretaceous rocks.

87%VideoOct 2017

It's Okay To Be Smart - Talk with your inner climate conscience

(5:52) Comforting climate change words from Al Gore.

87%VideoOct 2017

Laser weapons and warfare

(5:35) At a tiny fraction of the cost of using conventional weapons, lasers will become a weapon of the future.

87%VideoOct 2017

Virgin gets involved with Hyperloop

(5:16) Planes, trains and hyperloop.


87%VideoOct 2017

Emergency evacuation from tall buildings

(1:14) Verti-Scape Escape Chute system for safe evacuation from high-rise buildings.


87%VideoOct 2017

NASA is considering deep sleep for human Mars mission

(3:07) NASA has partnered with SpaceWorks to study the possibility of putting a spaceship crew into deep sleep for the 180 day journey to Mars.

86%VideoOct 2017

Questions about SpaceX's BFR concept

(7:19) Elon Musk announced the updated BFR design and I saw a lot of people questioning it.

88%VideoOct 2017

What Huygens saw on Titan

(4:41) In 2005, European Space Agency's Huygens probe landed on Saturn's moon Titan. This is what it saw.

87%VideoOct 2017

Scientists believe they've solved the mystery of 'alien' star

(2:02) Strange observations of star KIC 8462852 suggested the possibility of an alien megastructure.

88%VideoOct 2017

Strange jellyfish glow in the dark deep ocean

(3:57) In the blackness of the ocean depths is an extraordinary light show.