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87%VideoApr 2017

Did we just discover alien radio signals?

(4:05) Astronomers are detecting mysterious radio signals from outer space. Are they from advanced aliens?

87%VideoApr 2017

Daniel Dennett: AI doesn't need to be conscious

(4:22) If consciousness is ours to give, should we give it to AI?


87%VideoApr 2017

Another brick in the wall, laid by a robot

(5:47) SAM 100 robot by Construction Robotics.


87%VideoApr 2017

David Sinclair - Can we slow, or even reverse ageing?

(18:21) Harvard genetics professor David Sinclair takes his research personally.

88%VideoApr 2017

SpaceX relaunches used rocket

(8:08) SpaceX make history with the first relaunch of a previously used Falcon 9 rocket.

87%VideoApr 2017

RT - Discussion of Elon Musk's Neuralink

(11:22) Technology futurist Gray Scott and Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom discuss Elon Musk's plans to connect our brains to AI.


88%VideoMar 2017

TEDtalks - Jay Tuck: Artificial intelligence will kill us

(17:32) US defense expert Jay Tuck lays out the inconvenient truth of artificial intelligence.

86%VideoMar 2017

NASA's plan to protect Mars with a giant magnet

(2:26) NASA have an idea to make Mars habitable that would involve a giant space magnet.


87%AnimationMar 2017

Are GMOs good or bad?

(9:02) Are GMOs bad for your health? Or is this fear unfounded?

86%VideoMar 2017

Elon Musk to merge man and machine

(0:43) Elon Musk is planning another startup straight out of science fiction called Neuralink.