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87%VideoOct 2017

8 drone inventions that will blow your mind


87%VideoOct 2017

Sneak peak at Adobe's super cool 'Project Cloak'

(6:13) Demonstrated at Adobe MAX 2017, Cloak is content-aware-fill for video.


87%VideoOct 2017

The future of aircraft technology today

(16:21) Compilation of aircraft technology and concepts in the making.

86%VideoOct 2017

Mindful meditation, science or fiction?

(3:11) Mindfulness meditation is gaining popularity as a technique for reducing stress, but is there science that shows that it works?

86%VideoOct 2017

How would we stop a nuclear missile?

(5:03) What would happen if there were a nuclear missile coming towards us?

86%VideoOct 2017

What is sea level?

(2:57) In Calipatria, California, the town is below sea level, but their flag pole isn't.

86%AnimationOct 2017

If we could, should we end ageing forever?

(6:48) Today humans are living longer than ever. But given the choice, how long would you want to live for?

86%VideoOct 2017

Scientists turn carbon dioxide into stone

(8:50) The safest way to store CO2.

96%VideoOct 2017

Another cool demonstration of inertia


87%VideoOct 2017

What happens when you inbreed?

(7:16) Does inbreeding really lead to bad things?