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94%VideoMar 2017

Richard Wolff - When the capitalist economy fails, blame foreigners

(7:39) Excerpt from Global Capitalism, a monthly live speech by economist Richard Wolff.


88%VideoMar 2017

Samantha Bee - Sebastian L. v. Gorka, the Trump Whisperer

(7:26) Who is alpha-male Dr Sebastian L. v. Gorka?

88%VideoMar 2017

Washington Post won't admit Bernie Sanders is most popular politician

(6:24) The Washington Post published a poll that clearly shows Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician. Yet Philip Bump, the author of the poll, could not bring himself to admit it.

87%VideoMar 2017

Angela Merkel vs Donald Trump

(4:00) German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump disagree on so much.

87%VideoMar 2017

The Daily Show - Ain't nobody got time for that

(6:01) Trevor Noah runs through the headlines he has no time to cover.

87%VideoMar 2017

TYT - Ivanka Trump is moving into the White House

(7:22) When first daughter Ivanka Trump moved to Washington, she said she would have no formal role in her father's administration.

87%VideoMar 2017

FBI director comments on Trump's wiretap tweets

(4:20) Questions to FBI Director James Comey at a congressional inquiry into Russian interference in the US presidential election.

87%VideoMar 2017

Richard Wolff - What is money?

(13:28) America's most prominent Marxist economist Richard Wolff gets to the fundamentals of money.


84%VideoMar 2017

Jimmy Dore - Funny yet disturbing local news

(12:34) Someone sent Jimmy Dore a video montage of local news anchors reporting on local news.


87%VideoMar 2017

John Oliver - When Trump met Merkel

(2:27) John Oliver looks at the awkward press conference with Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.