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87%VideoAug 2015

Support your local police department

(0:58) Weird police bribe in reverse.

62%VideoAug 2015


(3:39) Time to reconnect the dots. Film short from filmmaker Wodek Markowicz that leaves a lot to think about.

48%VideoAug 2015

Russell Brand - Last episode of The Trews

(11:03) I know that real change is coming. Russell X.

86%VideoAug 2015

Bill Burr on Donald Trump

(3:10) American comedian Bill Burr talks Trump and politics with Conan.

87%VideoAug 2015

Life in the Jungle, Calais

(13:24) Away from the chaotic scenes at Calais, the migrant camp known as the Jungle is growing fast and showing signs of becoming a permanent fixture.

86%VideoAug 2015

Just Breathe

(3:41) Don't get mad.

87%VideoAug 2015

The future of world religions

(3:04) According to a study by Pew Research Center, Muslims will nearly equal Christians by 2050.

87%VideoAug 2015

Jimmy Carter: The United States is an oligarchy

(1:26) In the closing moments of a phone interview with Thom Hartmann, former US president Jimmy Carter described the US political system as oligarchy.

87%VideoAug 2015

Sarah Palin on Donald Trump's immigration plan

(7:32) Former governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin gives her take on Donald Trump.

94%VideoAug 2015

Trump's immigration plan provokes fiery debate on Fox News

(12:49) Participants are Dana Perino, Geraldo Rivera, Jesse Watters, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Tom Shillue.