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88%VideoAug 2016

The Daily Show - Donald Trump supporters take an ideology test

(4:32) After Donald Trump proposes extreme vetting for Muslims, Jordan Klepper quizzes his supporters on what that means.

88%VideoAug 2016

BBC interview with US Green Party's leader Jill Stein

(16:27) What chance has Jill Stein got of becoming the next United States president?

86%VideoAug 2016

Trump's VP Mike Pence criticises theory of evolution

(4:31) In 2002, Mike Pence delivered an entire speech in the House of Representatives on the origins of man.


88%VideoAug 2016

Penn Jillette - Libertarianism 101, 102 and 103

(18:00) Magician and committed libertarian Penn Jillette explains what libertarianism means to him.


87%VideoAug 2016

Charles Manson - Final confessions of a psychopath

(3:21) America's most notorious criminal is 79 years old and serving the rest of his life in Corcoran State Prison in California.

95%VideoAug 2016

Should we continue to the next level?

(6:31) Who knows what a post-human world will look like.

94%VideoAug 2016

No one cares that climate change is getting visibly worse

(3:15) We’re hit with devastating climate news almost every week, but coverage of climate change is hitting new lows from the corporate media.


93%VideoAug 2016

The truth behind chemtrails

(4:06) John Iadarola looks at a recent study where atmospheric experts were asked for evidence of chemtrails.

87%VideoAug 2016

Jill Stein on fighting ISIS and terrorism

(10:32) Kyle Kulinski comments on Green Party Jill Stein's approach to foreign policy and fighting terrorism.

86%VideoAug 2016

Islamic preacher on emoticons forbidden to share on WhatsApp

(2:56) Saudi-based Islamic preacher Wajdi Akkari runs through the emoticons that are forbidden in Islam.