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87%VideoJan 2017

Obama's final weekly address

(3:43) President Barack Obama delivers his final weekly address thanking the American people for making him a better president and a better man.

86%VideoJan 2017

Obama: Don't underestimate Trump

(6:34) For his last network TV interview as commander-in-chief, President Obama met with Steve Kroft to discuss the incoming Trump administration.

88%VideoJan 2017

Robert Reich explains authoritarianism

(13:54) Economist Robert Reich explains how Donald Trump's brand of "democracy" is more akin to authoritarianism.


87%VideoJan 2017

Trump puts sons in charge of businesses

(11:08) Donald Trump has ignored ethics experts and placed his sons Eric and Don in charge of The Trump Organization.

87%VideoJan 2017

Jimmy Dore - Who's the aggressor, Russia or NATO?

(9:47) NATO forces are ramping up in European countries.


87%VideoJan 2017

Michael Moore: Donald Trump is Godfather of fake news

(10:10) Michael Moore and MSNBC's Chris Hayes discuss Donald Trump's role in the rise of "fake news".


87%VideoJan 2017

Jimmy Dore - Intelligence reports come with disclaimers!

(5:56) Why should you believe the intelligence agencies when they don't believe themselves?

87%VideoJan 2017

Samantha Bee - People are saying Trump likes pee

(6:17) Trump's Watergate?


87%VideoJan 2017

Obama: I didn’t think Trump would win because I was in the bubble

(1:35) In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, President Obama admitted he missed the rise of Donald Trump because he was in a bubble.


87%VideoJan 2017

Seth Meyers interview with top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway

(13:33) Donald Trump's incoming White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defends the president-elect's relationship with intelligence, the press and Twitter.