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86%VideoJun 2015

The Battle Of Waterloo

(4:59) Brief documentary about the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, the result of which kept peace in Europe for the next 100 years.

88%VideoJun 2015

7 years, 7 mass shootings, 7 speeches from Obama

(2:18) When President Obama reacted to the mass shooting in Charleston, it was not nearly the first time he'd made similar remarks.

88%VideoJun 2015

California's drought, and climate change

(8:34) Scientists comment on California's ongoing drought.

88%VideoJun 2015

Bernie Sanders explains how he's different from Hillary Clinton

(4:21) Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders touches on some of the differences between him and favourite Hillary Clinton.

88%VideoJun 2015

Bill Maher - Ann Coulter on immigration

(11:46) June 19, 2015. Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter joins Bill Maher to discuss America's immigration policy.

87%VideoJun 2015

Ukraine's crowdfunded military drone

(11:07) A crowdfunding first. The People’s Project is a volunteer-led organisation based in Ukraine currently raising funds for a military drone.

94%VideoJun 2015

Girl questions Richard Dawkins' religion

(7:52) Confused Catholic girl discusses the validity of science with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss.

95%VideoJun 2015

Dog calms woman in Asperger's 'meltdown'

(1:13) This is what having Asperger's is like.

88%VideoJun 2015

Elizabeth Warren: Obama should make trade deal public

(6:28) A vocal opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Elizabeth Warren says, if Obama is confident about the trade deal, he should make the details public, before any voting.

88%VideoJun 2015

Chris Hedges - Organisations of mass resistance

(3:39) June 8, 2015. American journalist and author Chris Hedges on how the media is failing to inform the public of the big issues of our time, like climate change and corruption.