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62%VideoJun 2016

Obama on admitting Syrian refugees

(4:34) At a town hall meeting in Elkhart, Indiana, President Obama was asked why money spent on resettling refugees isn't instead used to help homeless veterans.

44%VideoJun 2016

Hillary Clinton speaks at TEDWomen (2010)

(18:44) Empowering women and girls is a cornerstone of US foreign policy.

87%VideoJun 2016

Cenk Uygur - Stunning news, UK leaves EU

(3:38) The revolution is afoot and it is worldwide.

96%VideoJun 2016

Putin on Trump and US democracy

(5:57) Fareed Zakaria questions Vladimir Putin at the St Petersburg Economic Forum 2016.

94%VideoJun 2016

Bernie Sanders describes scene in House sit-in

(4:59) Bernie Sanders talks to Stephen Colbert about the special moments on the campaign trail.

87%VideoJun 2016

Strong evidence Trump has committed tax fraud

(8:27) Presumptive Republican presidential nominee refuses to release his tax returns.

94%AnimationJun 2016

History of human histories

(10:05) The world feels like it's always been like this, but it hasn't.

86%VideoJun 2016

Democrats protest gun control with 24 hour sit-in

(5:30) American politician and civil rights activist John Lewis led Democrats in a day long sit-in protest over inaction on gun control.

87%VideoJun 2016

The anatomy of a campaign ad

(6:43) Filmmaker's perspective on political campaign ads and how they brainwash you.

87%VideoJun 2016

TYT - Trump turns campaign into reality show

(5:47) Money is not a problem for billionaires.