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88%VideoSep 2016

How to handle crushes

(3:13) S/he's "the one". But how do you know?

94%AnimationSep 2016


(5:05) Kiwi tastes a golden nugget, and it's delicious.

88%VideoSep 2016

Bill Maher - Bring civility back to politics

(5:55) Bill Maher calls for a return to the days when politicians could disagree respectfully. September 16, 2016.

88%VideoSep 2016

Question Time - John McDonnell vs Alistair Campbell

(1:01) Old and new Labour heavyweights at loggerheads.


88%VideoSep 2016

Haitian Senate President exposes Clinton Foundation

(6:09) Speaking at a Trump event, former Haitian President of Senate Bernard Sansaricq, tells of how Bill Clinton tried to bribe him to side with a US invasion of Haiti in 1994.

93%AnimationSep 2016

The Perfectionist Trap

(3:37) Recognise the legitimate and necessary role of failure.

88%VideoSep 2016

Wells Fargo caught scamming own customers

(11:25) And of course, no one is going to jail. Jimmy Dore investigates.

88%VideoSep 2016

Bill Maher vs Trump's campaign manager

(13:07) I can't support someone who lies for a living.


88%VideoSep 2016

The day the political news media lost its mind

(5:14) MSNBC's Chris O'Donnell reflects on the most important day in the US presidential election.


88%VideoSep 2016

Trevor Noah - Donald Trump Rant

(2:40) Trevor Noah takes aim at Donald Trump.