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87%VideoJul 2015

KKK marchers off to rally

(1:34) What stupid looks like. Anti-KKK protester accompanies KKK marchers with a lumbering sousaphone.

35%VideoJul 2015

Russell Brand - Black Cabs vs Uber

(8:20) Black cabbie Courtney explains the Uber vs Black Cabs conflict.

96%VideoJul 2015

Don't Stay in School

(3:17) What you do and don't learn at school.

87%VideoJul 2015

Donald Trump: Hillary would be a terrible president

(2:05) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's opinions on Hillary Clinton.

88%VideoJul 2015

Bernie Sanders is out-fundraising every GOP candidate

(5:26) But there's a catch, superPACs.

87%VideoJul 2015

Jeremy Corbyn on why he called Hamas and Hezbollah "friends"

(4:47) Easily rattled Labour leader hopeful Jeremy Corbyn explains why he described the Islamist militant organisations Hamas and Hezbollah as "friends" during a parliamentary meeting on the Middle East.

87%VideoJul 2015

Wesley Clark - Internment camps for radicalised people

(1:32) How do we fix self-radicalised lone-wolves domestically?

88%VideoJul 2015

Woman gives birth in moving car!

(4:01) A baby is born going down Beltway 8 in Houston on the way to the birthing centre. No nudity.

86%VideoJul 2015

DIY gun-toting drone

(0:28) It was only a matter of time.

96%VideoJul 2015

Wheelchair decoy in Vancouver

(3:04) Police officer Mark Horsley went undercover in Vancouver's poorest district, Downtown Eastside after 2 knife-point robberies of victims on wheelchairs.