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87%VideoNov 2017

Search for earliest life

(5:36) Over 4 billion years ago, the Earth's crust was still cooling and the oceans were only beginning to form.

87%AnimationNov 2017

Emergence - How stupid things together, become smart

(7:30) Emergence is complexity arising from simplicity. And it is everywhere.

95%VideoNov 2017

Shapeshifting Deepstaria Jelly

(2:10) Otherworldly video of a deepstaria jelly going about its business.

86%VideoNov 2017

Can sleep be avoided or replaced?

(8:54) With an average person sleeping for 25-30 years of their lives, could we function without it?

88%VideoNov 2017

Sounds from another world: Sperm whales clicking

(6:01) American journalist and free-diver James Nestor on the intelligence of Sperm whales.

94%VideoNov 2017

Training a baby fennec fox to sit



87%VideoNov 2017

Biomimicry: Good design with the help of nature

(6:49) Much of the world is poorly designed, but copying from nature can improve things.


86%VideoNov 2017

Rats slap fight



88%VideoNov 2017

Tardigrade, almost invincible creature

(2:02) One of many aquatic invertebrates on the planet, the tardigrad is unlike any other life form that scientists know of.

87%VideoOct 2017

Did you know bats can swim?