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87%VideoApr 2017

Japanese coffee vending machine bares all

(1:41) Watch this vending machine prepare your coffee while you wait.

87%VideoApr 2017

QI - What's the best thing to do in a falling lift?

(2:26) Another useful nugget just in case.

87%VideoApr 2017

Blinker fluid and a bucket of steam please

(0:59) Dad plays a devious prank with his daughters.

88%VideoApr 2017

Three dancing despots

(0:37) Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin having fun together.


88%VideoApr 2017

Ricky Gervais - Interview with a crazy Latino

(3:46) The interview that left Ricky Gervais almost speechless. Hope you enjoy it as much as he did.


88%VideoApr 2017

Bill Burr vs Kanye West


88%VideoApr 2017

Second oldest trick in sleight of hand

(5:21) Magician/comedian Chris Hannibal performs the second oldest trick in the history of sleight of hand.


87%VideoApr 2017

Life accordion to Trump


94%VideoApr 2017

Brexit means Titanic

(1:39) Ever get that sinking feeling?

93%AnimationApr 2017

Bill Burr tells his 'helicopter hero' story