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87%VideoFeb 2017

Alec Baldwin on playing Trump

(3:03) While preparing his 17th appearance on Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin talks about his role playing Donald Trump.

88%VideoFeb 2017

Never trust a trapezoid

(3:48) Mind-bending optical illusions from 1958 film "Gateways to the Mind".

88%VideoFeb 2017

Joe Rogan impersonates Alex Jones


88%VideoFeb 2017

The People's Court - President Trump vs Ninth Circuit Judges

(4:53) SNL skit from The People's Court.

87%VideoFeb 2017

Burger King presents the Adult Meal

(0:26) Only available in Israel after 6pm, Valentine's Day.


87%VideoFeb 2017

Robot Wars - Razer vs Onslaught

(6:18) The stuff of nightmares.

87%VideoFeb 2017

Caught in Providence: Car Clock

(1:29) Funny courtroom interaction between real people over a parking ticket.

87%VideoFeb 2017

Creative Chinese student's washing machine


87%VideoFeb 2017

SNL - Donald Trump and Steve Bannon in the Oval Office

(6:32) Under the encouragement of Steve Bannon, President Trump calls his counterparts around the world.

87%VideoFeb 2017

The magic behind the trick

(4:38) How magicians mess with our brains.