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87%VideoMar 2018

Dangers of ice fishing

(1:19) Yikes! A wave disturbs ice fishing in the Gulf of Finland.


86%VideoMar 2018

How to lift an unconscious body with the ranger's roll

(7:32) Former army ranger Wil Willis demonstrates a rapid tactical lift method for an unconscious or semiconscious casualty.

86%VideoMar 2018

FIFA - 100 days to Russia 2018

(1:24) FIFA’s keepy-uppy promo to mark 100 days before the Russia 2018 World Cup.

86%VideoMar 2018

Electric skateboard pole-vaulting, a new Olympic sport?

(0:48) French athlete Baptiste Boirie demonstrates skateboard pole-vaulting.

86%VideoFeb 2018

Why hosting the Olympics isn't worth it anymore

(5:27) Could we be watching the death of the Olympics?

94%VideoFeb 2018

My crazy kid jumping on his buddy's ice covered trampoline


91%VideoFeb 2018

Pyeongchang 2018 hosts world's first ski robot challenge

(1:53) Korean humanoids warm up for the world's first ski robot challenge.


94%VideoFeb 2018

Skating across the sky


94%VideoFeb 2018

Rally roll in the snow

(2:01) The snow must go on.

96%VideoFeb 2018

The sound of thin ice

(3:32) This is how skating on 45mm new black ice sounds like.