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87%VideoOct 2017

Kim Jong-un pilots an aeroplane

(1:46) Supreme leader Kim Jong-un transforms into a highly skilled pilot after a two second glance of the manual.


87%VideoOct 2017

Why Puerto Rico will be without power for months

(4:00) The island was ill-prepared for a disaster of this magnitude.

93%VideoOct 2017

The reaction ferries of Basel

(2:29) On the river Rhine in Switzerland, there are reaction ferries - boats with no engine, no paddles, no sails or other obvious forms of power. But how do they work?

87%VideoSep 2017

Michio Kaku - Mexico's 7.1 earthquake, why Mexico?

(2:18) CBS science contributor Michio Kaku explains what's going on beneath Mexico.

88%VideoSep 2017

SpaceX - Anywhere on Earth in under an hour

(1:57) SpaceX's BFR will be capable of taking people from any city to any other city on Earth in under one hour.


87%VideoSep 2017

Mexico plans its own Hyperloop

(1:36) Mexico is planning to build its own Hyperloop called Mexloop.


87%VideoSep 2017

Why public transportation sucks in the US

(10:05) The United States once had the best public transportation system in the world. So what changed?

87%AnimationSep 2017

Electric vs fossil fuelled cars - which is greener?

(2:18) How much greener are battery-electric cars compared to gasoline-powered cars?

86%VideoSep 2017

Antarctica just lost another huge piece of ice

(2:11) 4x the size of Manhattan, the ice broke fron Pine Island Glacier, the fastest melting glacier on the continent.

87%VideoSep 2017

Mumbai railway station after heavy rainfall

(0:42) The new normal for Mumbai commuters.