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87%VideoFeb 2018

Larry Graham's thump thing

(6:30) Bass player Larry Graham, credited with inventing "slapping", tells the story of how this came about.

74%VideoFeb 2018

African children hear fiddle music for the first time

(0:48) Bluegrass fiddler Paige Park visits an African village.


87%VideoFeb 2018

Can you hear the difference between cheap and expensive pianos?

(5:13) 5 different pianos, 5 different price points. Can you tell the difference?


88%VideoJan 2018

Justine & Frederi rag doll dance

(7:12) French artistic acrobats Justine Berthillot & Frederi Vernier natural dance performance.


88%VideoJan 2018

Georgia's Got Talent - Bohemian Rhapsody

(4:58) Children's choir pay tribute to Freddy Mercury with a performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.


94%VideoJan 2018

Trump Anthem

(1:57) A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's live mic during the National Anthem.


67%VideoDec 2017

Christmas carols in a minor key

(6:27) Almost all major-key Christmas songs seem to work well in a minor key.

88%VideoDec 2017

Walk on the Wild Side: The people who inspired Lou Reed's classic song

(7:47) Lou Reed's story of some of the more interesting people of an era.

87%VideoDec 2017

Hotel Pianofornia, feat. Cute Dog

(2:37) Blame his Russian parents.

87%VideoNov 2017

Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again

(4:56) Written in June 2016, before the Access Hollywood tape.