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91%VideoMar 2008

Anthony Minghella 1954-2008

Interview with director of Truly, Madly, Deeply and The Talented Mr. Ripley

91%VideoJun 2009

Roaming pigeon downed at cricket match

The bird is not resting, it's definitely dead from a throw by Jacques Rudolph at a Twenty20 match between Yorkshire and Lancashire at Headingley


91%PictureMay 2005

Crazy Frog - time to move on

Finally, the conclusion

91%VideoJul 2009

Come to Australia

(1:10) Scared Weird Little Guys perform a little ditty to lure unsuspecting tourists to the deadly Down Under.


91%VideoAug 2012

The meaning of afterlife

(9:45) Atheists counter the common religious claim that life without god (therefore without an afterlife) is meaningless and empty.


90%VideoMar 2007

Lost in Catacombs

Found footage from the depths of Paris


90%VideoJul 2009

Young dancers audition for Michael Jackson's O2 shows

Rehearsals and auditions for a lost dream


Camlin Permanent Markers 90%VideoMay 2007

Camlin Permanent Markers: Vermillion

Forehead mark brings husband back to life

90%VideoJan 2008

Sir Edmund Hillary dies (Jan 11, 2008)

The unassuming beekeeper makes his final ascent

90%VideoJan 2008

I'm gonna live until I die

Collection of death defying near misses