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91%PictureJun 2002

September 11 divorce

Stay up to date with the news


91%VideoMar 2008

Hillary Clinton's 1996 Bosnia trip exposed

CBS News exposes the real story about the first lady's visit exposing some blatant lies


89%VideoAug 2008

Mind control made easy

How to start a cult


89%VideoFeb 2010

Lie detector card trick

A mathematical card trick is explained. Simple, elegant and clever.


88%VideoMay 2008

The Seven Dwarfs - I believe nicotine is not addictive

CEOs of America's seven largest tobacco companies perjure themselves before US Congress


88%VideoSep 2011

Rachel Maddow: Republicans are Living in a Fantasy World

(13:13) Normalsville vs Republicanland. Rachel Maddow checks out some of the 'facts' floating around in Republican minds. Turns out that many of them are not true, at least that's if you live in Normalsville.


88%VideoMay 2012

Did Lee Mack donate his dibber to the British Lawnmower Museum?

(4:58) David Mitchell's team have to guess if Lee Mack is telling the truth.

88%VideoOct 2012

Mitt Lies - Debate 1

(11:52) Large although not exhaustive compilation of Mitt Romney's lies throughout the first presidential debate.


88%VideoAug 2013

Bank of America employees: "We were told to lie"

(7:32) Under oath, six employees of Bank of America say they were "told to lie to customers and claim that Bank of America had not received documents it had requested, and that it had not received trial payments (when in fact it had)..."


88%VideoSep 2013

Is Reginald D Hunter's middle name Delicious?

(3:21) Can you fathom the fact from the fiction? Could Reginald D Hunter's middle name actually be "Delicious"?