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93%VideoOct 2011

Bullet action at one million frames per second!

(10:00) Video by German engineer Werner Mehl who created the PVM-21 infrared chronograph, the most sophisticated ballistic speed-measuring system currently available to the general public, and capable of one million frames per second. www.kurzzeit.com


93%VideoJul 2012

How to buy nukes on the black market

(8:49) Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti of VICE go shopping for dirty bombs on the Bulgarian black market. With worrying ease, they meet a real black market arms dealer.


93%VideoDec 2015

Naviator, part sub, part plane

(2:12) Rutgers University researchers have developed a drone that can travel underwater as well as through the air.

93%VideoApr 2017

Russia's Father Of All Bombs

(2:47) Russia has actually tested a more powerful non-nuclear bomb than MOAB.


93%VideoApr 2014

Drone joins the fireworks

(2:39) My buddy decided to take his Phantom and fly it through some fireworks. This is the result.

93%PictureJun 2011

Russian world dominance fizzles out


93%VideoFeb 2015

Artist farmer creates huge Smiley face with cows

(1:42) Happy cows in Kansas.

92%VideoOct 2007

SAS training and weapons

Hostage situation scenario examined


92%VideoJun 2011

Mexican army seize armoured drug trucks

Two DIY APCs discovered in a storage facility in Ciudad Camargo, Mexico. Protected by 1 inch steel plates, these vehicles were used against rival cartels and capable of carrying up to 20 personnel.


92%VideoDec 2011

Iran shows footage of captured US drone

Iranian TV has shown footage of an advanced US stealth drone (RQ-170 Sentinel) that Tehran says it downed using cyber warfare, overriding its navigation controls and landing it scratch free on Iranian soil.